Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The First Day of July 2014!

I honestly can't believe that July is already here, it seemed as though June would last a bit longer... Oh well, time flies when you're Gaming hard. This July is already a big thing too, I've heard fireworks and I've seen people setting up pools, the 4th is approaching!! July is always a big time for gamers because Game developers and Gaming companies know that when kids are out of school is the best time to put out the games and consoles and what not. Christmas is usually the best time for games to come out but Summer is still a great time for Gaming, Vacations, swimming, the beach, cook outs and tons more too! I've been playing a lot of Super Mario Sunshine but I'm still kinda' stuck in it... I may have to watch some vid guides on how to get past where I am. I'm excited to say that today marks the spot for the new Nintendo year and I'm thrilled to say that i'll soon be putting out new vids. I just don't know what to film yet. If your excited about Summer like me, let me know in the comments.

Happy New Nintendo Year and Game On Gamers!