Monday, July 21, 2014

Super Mario in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New leaf has no shortage of Mario items to collect, That much I know. But the original game for GameCube also has a good amount of Mario items to obtain. Although I haven't got them all just yet, My house is now a two-story house [In GCube] with a basement. And it's all paid off. I think one of the funniest things in Animal Crossing Population Growing [I've been told that's not the subtitle, but it is] is that when you pay off your house, Tom Nook makes you a monument in your honor. A monument! I wish that were the case in real life, when someone pays off their house that is. That's a big deal for such a little thing as that [in a game]. Tom Nook is funny too. Of course I did cheat a bit with the 30,000 Bell code, but even that, I had to work hard for. It took a long time to pay off the last loan, but with the built in Time-travel cheat, It makes it easier. I'v done so much with Animal Crossing New Leaf in a very short amount of time because of this cheat. Of course I hadn't planned on using it... But I could only complete so much in one day unless I did. So I did. I've gotten allot of Mario Items recently but not nearly half of what I want to get. I'll get it soon, but I need more fortune cookies. And I half to memorize military time in order to use the cheat properly. If you have any tips on how to do this, plz comment. P.S.- I hope to beat Super Mario Sunshine next month [Mario Month] Thx and...

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