Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mainly Mini games.

Well thank you Nintendo. I tried my hardest and its finally time to choose my prize, but Nintendo is handing out only virtual prizes this year. Which makes it harder for me to pick because their all mainly games filled with mini games.  the list includes:
◘ NES Remix
◘ Game & Wario
◘ DK Country returns 3D [I don't officially own it.]
◘ Mario and DK Minis on the move
And a couple others I won't bother to mention because their not on my lists.
My problem is that I can't pick just one of them. I know that sounds kinda' greedy [Like I'd rather have them all] But I assure U that I'm not having a hard time choosing because of greed. NES Remix is mostly remixed original games turned into mini games. Game & Wario is practically all Mini games. My Dad owns DK Country returns 3D so I can play it. And Mario & DK Minis on the move is just one big mini-game.
No offense, but I was hoping for some real solid new games this year. Or a real-life prize, not just a download. Plz help me decide which game to get in the comments. Thank you.

Edit: The Game I got is Game And Wario

Game On Gamers!