Thursday, July 24, 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf Full Review, Video and review

Well I'm pleased to announce that my Home in Animal Crossing New Leaf will now and forever be known as The Super Mario and Nintendo Museum. I have to wait til' I turn my house into a mansion to fully finish my museum. But everytime I get a set of new items, I'll post about it. HERE. Until I start my museum, I thought I'd make a full text review on the game and a video for it, to match. First off, heres the long awaited vid:

I forgot  to mention that you can take photos, anytime during the game and save them to your SD by hitting both the top left and right buttons at the same time. But, just holding the right top button down, allows you to run instead of walking. U can't take pics inside every game made for the 3DS.

The Story of this game is very simplistic, U move out and go live in a new town [That you name] and instantly/accidentally become the mayor. I say accidental because you get a letter two days er' so after you start from the supposed person who was supposed to become the new mayor. But you'll have to do, because your all your town's got now.

The Point of it all is to just plain have fun, doing whatever it is that you want to do in your town, With the given choices you can make. Its interesting and fun to build up your town and bring together the animal people/kind In unbelievably cool ways to change or grow your town.

There is no goal, You just have accomplishments and tasks and fun. I try and create my own goals in the game by collecting a ton of Mario items and Nintendo items. Hence the M&N Museum.

The style of the game is just like the first Animal Crossing game for the GameCube, So for beginers or for anyone whos ever played AC games before. Basically if you've ever played Animal Crossing games before than this game should be simple to start.

My few dislikes, As always I don't wish to impose what I don't like onto others but I am giving this game my FULL review so I must be completely honest with what I say. I don't like the fortune teller but thats just me... I Hate getting stung by bees but at least its a bit realistic in the game. I don't like how the Axe can break but I think mine broke because I was hitting rocks. And even though it would take away from the series, it would be nice to have an auto-save feature to enable...  You can group together in your inventory and money too, but nothing else. And thats it....

Tips, Try and stock up on Durians [They sell for allot]. Check around every day for a money rock, hit rocks with your shovel, one will spit out money. And check the island late at night for expensive selling beetles. If you want to earn bells quick, then initiate the Bell Boom Ordinance.

I was blessed to get this game right after getting the first one in the same month so I'm very happy to announce the grand opening of my M&N Museum will be opening soon for those to visit [who own this game] and tag me. Otherwise I'll be making a video tour. I should be finished with my museum and just adding to it within 3 months.

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