Monday, July 28, 2014


 Hey Gamers, all of my readers already know that I'm a huge Mario fan, but I don't ever give Batman the proper attention he deserves. So for this whole post I'll talk on Batman and other Batman/ DC comics related things that are popular right now. Batmans 75th anniversary took place last week on July 23rd. I didn't know until we got to the day that the day was that day. 0.0

               Anyhoo, To get things started... Gotham is getting a TV series, it will basically be Arkham Origins for TV and it won't be a toon but an actual TV series. The show already has some major inconsistencies and I didn't have to watch even one episode to notice them. Gordon is super-young and younger than his semi-partner Det. Bullock. E.Nigma [The Riddler] is in the show, but he's not supposed to come into the picture until Batman becomes Batman. Poison Ivy's name was changed [her real name] and Catwoman is Cat-Girl. No I don't know if thats her name but they do use her real name.

Ben Affleck has got to be the worst Batman ever!! His suit alone says... "I'm really afraid of Cats!" honestly though, What was DC Comics thinking when they killed the old Batman films and started up this thing with Super Man and Wonder Woman?? They just up and pounded it all to dust. At least Marvel's clearing away some of their Film confusion with their new films and their old ones. And how did This Ben-Batman get to be huh?? Do we have to watch another origin story of the same stuff again and again or is DC comics gonna find a story to stick with for a while. I know they've gotta' keep things fresh and stuff but come on, If somebody asked me for help with a Batman Cartoon series I would bring back the awesome. Instead of trying to ruin it.

It seems that Rocksteady has refused to hear our pleas for Batman Arkham Knight on WiiU and has started making cartoons to further link the games together and prevent confusion for its inconsistencies. I hate inconsistencies.

" I was very excited for Flash But the Flash TV show was a horrible let down, it became just another drama show filled with adult content and sexual content. Horrible."-Update 5/22/2015

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