Friday, July 25, 2014

Amiibo is coming

The great toys announced at this years E3 are coming out this holiday season. I just got word from Nintendo that the new Amiibo figs are coming out for Christmas and the first game they work with SSB for WiiU.
A few things I've learned from studying these new figs is that You 1st don't play as the character in the game but they fight with you. Thier like NPCs that you can train by either fighting with them or against them and building up their stats. Which is helpful for when your friend comes over and you wanna' kick his butt wih ur Amiibo. But even with all the cool figs, the only one I want is Mario. I think their also going to be coming out for Yoshi's Wolly World and some others too. Maybe Captain Toad??

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