Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sega-Doomed since... Before they started.

 Well Gamers, The news from Sega [as usual] Is that they don't have any plans... They don't have ANY PLANS AT ALL?? I guess Sega told a big fan on Twitter [According to My Nintendo News] that they have no plans [at all] for WiiU's Virtual console game line. Odd, Sega's basically been going down-hill for years and they suddenly decide not to do what their fans want them to. See, that's probably not a smart move, Gamers tend to buy what they want and they hate it when their fav companies don't give them what they want to buy. Sega's original Slogan was [Unthinkably horrid] Sega Does what Ninten-don't. 0.0 What, Not sell consoles? "Ninten-does what Sega can't"- That's my slogan. Sega sadly made a very [kinda'] cool character to battle Mario... SONIC. Who failed miserably to beat him and eventually had to team up with Nintendo just to stay alive. I'm not sayin' all this because I'm a Nintendo fan-boy. I'm sayin it because it's common Gamer knowledge. SEGA Died, Nintendo spared Sonic and let him wander around like a penguin wrapped up in duct tape. Hey, that's not a bad Idea...
Won't happen.

Sonic is a pretty decent character and Sega is an okay company too, and it's cool that Mario is now friends with Sonic. And that Sonic is now technically a Nintendo character and in SSB games.  I hope that Sega does make some VC games for the WiiU though, if they don't do more stuff soon, then they'll lose their remaining fans. If your a Sega fan, plz don't hate me, because I do like Sonic. I just prefer Mario to Sonic.

Game On Gamers!