Thursday, July 24, 2014

The 30th!! The Year of R.O.B.

So I guess that Next Year is the 30th Anniversary of Nintendo's Robotic Operated Buddy AKA: R.O.B. for short. The Robotic Operated Buddy was made for the original NES for interacting outside the TV through sensors. The ROB toy was made mainly to get a larger audience for the NES when it first came out. Nintendo had to deal with the Game Crash at the time and made this to make the console more of a TOY than a game console. And with all the other toy accessories that they made for it, Nintendo soon ruled the market. I'm sure things would've turned out differently if the R.O.B. hadn't been made. It was once used in SSB Brawl and has had a few cameos throughout the years of Nintendo, including in Pikmin 2 as "The Remembered Old Buddy" Haha!!
 I think [Well, someone suggested] that next year should be Nintendo's Year of ROB. What do U think, let me know in the comments. I do hope this happens, ROB needs some recognition and soon. Because ROB is every Gamers Buddy... A small robot friend to help U play some Nintendo...

Game On Gamers!