Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mario Kart happy!!

Hey Gamers, I know this post is late but I totally forgot to post this on the 4th. I had allot of things to do that day, like build up a video montage of stop-motion Awesomtacular-ness!! With my Little Buddy K'nex Mario, on a skateboard in many different locations. Anyhoo, Theese toys are now available at any Mcdonalds near you in North America! Although it was kinda odd to see that they added the toys to the happy meal list way after the game came out. Oh-well!! I so badly want the visor and Mario!! They look awesomtacular. Though they are made cheaper, if you look closer you can see that Mario's Feet and Luigi's and Toad's And anyone in a kart, has their legs cut-off, or were made without legs. Srsly sad to see that Mario has no legs. again, OH-Well, The game and toys look Awesomtacular!! I'm definitely going to get these toys. Or at least Mario and the Mario Visor.

Game On Gamers!