Sunday, July 6, 2014

I beat P VS Z.

[Zombies] Back when I got Plants Vs Zombies, I had no plan to beat the game quickly, But man did I trie. and I did, I tried and tried for months. I think I had the game [for DS] a whole year before beating it. And I beat it today!! YESSS!! I was thrilled when the credits came up and the music video played. The whole game was like a joke to anyone who's ever played the game "Zombies ate my neighbors". I think the game's developers had actually once played or owned the game "Zombies ate my neighbors", because the style and story are very similar to one-another. I think it was a very decent game and more or-less, a Love letter to retro games and a fun filled strategy game that makes you think to beat it and holds your attention until you do. I hope that You buy this, play it and enjoy it because I didn't think I would (I don't care too much for the undead) But it was awesomtacular and I still can't get the music out of my head. Here listen:

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Go Team Plants!!!

Game On Gamers!