Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My 3DS issues.

If you've been following any of my many updates then U know I've had a very hard time with moving over my old 3DS info and memory and stuff over to my XL. I just could not do it!! I wasn't getting rid of my original 3DS, I just got a new one and wanted to play it more so I needed all my old stuff and it was all trapped in my old one which I've now dubbed "The ol' Blue". Which has no relation to my broken Wii remote "The bad Blue" Just so U know... I remember when I first got my 3DS. It was the first of many that I got the actual year it came out, instead of the year after when the price dropped.

It was quite a surprise and as U can see in the pic over to the left, I was very happy. But then when I got the XL a couple Christmas's later, I was just plain shocked!! I probably stared at the thing for ten minutes er' so. The biggest difference between the two consoles is that the XL has a bigger screen, but overall; small changes were made to improve basic enjoyability. I even made a comparison vid to explain the few small differences. But I held off moving everything from the ol' blue to the new Fire red. I decided to wait until I'd gotten my use out of the first one. I never got my use out of it, I could still play it now, but I decided a while ago that I should just do it and keep the old one for a back-up or multiplayer console. I tried to switch one to another at a time when I was having various gaming related issues.

It was hard and just basically didn't work. My memory was acting up in my ol' blue for a while and kept sayin' that I just bought all the software i've always had... Just about every time I turned it on. Just today I finally deduced that the problem was the first few tried failures with the system transfers. I tried again to do it today and it worked!! Now I have all my old files and more on my XL. And I gotta' say that it just feels nice in my hands , it's gameplay is so much bigger and better with the larger screens and works better for filming because the Camera can see the details better with a larger image. Well... Just thought I should share that.. This post was mainly to say one thing so I'll just sum it up now. I'll be using my XL mainly now so look for it in my newer Vids to come.

Game On Gamers!