Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Last Day of July 2014

Well gamers, its now the very last day of July 2014, the time for Summer has just flown by as I've bought some major cool stuff and I got some major cool games. My collection hasn't grown greatly but it is progressing. This post is a recap of everything from July 2014.
  •  I got , Pikmin 3, Animal Crossing New Leaf and I beat DK Country returns 3D.
  • We found out that Batman is taking so many different turns that the whole franchise is getting way too confusing to follow anymore. And Flash is getting a new TV series too.
  • Next month is Mario Month where we play mostly Super Mario games.
  • I've now posted 207 posts to my Blog here, which is 7 more posts than my goal so I'm now past my goal. My Blog has had a lil' over 2,602 views from all over the world.
  • My FB Page now has 38 likes :D
  • I posted a review and video review of Animal Crossing New Leaf HERE.
  • E3 wasn't as great as expected but still announced one Awesomtacular Mario game.
  • The anniversary of the Virtual boy is now til' the end of Mario Month.
  • I plan to release news vids and new vids and reviews very soon for Mario Month.
  • The #3DSummer campaign was announced from Nintendo.
  • The new Club Nintendo year started.
  • The Club Nintendo rewards were put out and they stunk. 
  • I'm getting Mario Kart 8 for my birthday in September.
  • I'm making a review of more than 9 Mario games at once for Mario Month.
  • K'nex Mario and I will be going together on a small Summer vacation next month.
  • I found out that the new Pac-Man cartoon is srsly dumb
  • Everybody's making books and movies about video games right now, it's the Gaming media Boom of 2014.
I guess thats really about it for the last day of July Gamers, I hope the rest of this #3DSummer is great for everyone! And I hope you enjoy everything I do in the field of gaming from here up as well as everything I've done before. Always,
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Monday, July 28, 2014


 Hey Gamers, all of my readers already know that I'm a huge Mario fan, but I don't ever give Batman the proper attention he deserves. So for this whole post I'll talk on Batman and other Batman/ DC comics related things that are popular right now. Batmans 75th anniversary took place last week on July 23rd. I didn't know until we got to the day that the day was that day. 0.0

               Anyhoo, To get things started... Gotham is getting a TV series, it will basically be Arkham Origins for TV and it won't be a toon but an actual TV series. The show already has some major inconsistencies and I didn't have to watch even one episode to notice them. Gordon is super-young and younger than his semi-partner Det. Bullock. E.Nigma [The Riddler] is in the show, but he's not supposed to come into the picture until Batman becomes Batman. Poison Ivy's name was changed [her real name] and Catwoman is Cat-Girl. No I don't know if thats her name but they do use her real name.

Ben Affleck has got to be the worst Batman ever!! His suit alone says... "I'm really afraid of Cats!" honestly though, What was DC Comics thinking when they killed the old Batman films and started up this thing with Super Man and Wonder Woman?? They just up and pounded it all to dust. At least Marvel's clearing away some of their Film confusion with their new films and their old ones. And how did This Ben-Batman get to be huh?? Do we have to watch another origin story of the same stuff again and again or is DC comics gonna find a story to stick with for a while. I know they've gotta' keep things fresh and stuff but come on, If somebody asked me for help with a Batman Cartoon series I would bring back the awesome. Instead of trying to ruin it.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Video Games The Movie?-ummmm....

So I guess someone ( Zach Braff ) had the idea to make a complete video documentary about how Video Games came up from the early 80's (and maybe earlier too) and into the "Now in' days" gaming we have. Not that bad of an ida to be honest. I think it could be a pretty decent flick, but just like most Video game films before it [example: SMB=The Movie, Wreck it Ralph] it already seems doomed to fail and utterly disappoint us. I say US primarily speaking of Nintendo Fans like me. The film does feature Super Mario, DK, Nintendo and Reggie too. But the film is a documentary on ALL video games. Not all Video games are GOOD/ Acceptable. The film also features games from Microsoft, Sony and some others besides Nintendo. No offense to other "Next Gen" peeps out there but I've always been able to trust Mario and Nintendo in general. I'd prefer some more DK, Star-Fox, Early Zelda and even some Metroid!! Just something other than Halo and junk. Again, No OFFENSE intended. It's just that Nintendo doesn't primarily make games where U kill. As for Mario stomping Goombas, 1. Its in no way realistic, 2. I doubt he kills them if it were at all realistic. In my Mario origin story, he knocks the Goombas unconscious(assuming that its all real). Anyhoo, The point of this is to say I'd watch the film, but I'd forward past anything not Nintendo. I may watch the Portal part and a little bit of Sonic but I'd only rent/borrow it to see Nintendo. BTW, I think this movie is now out to purchase/view or other (Check it out here) I'm not against this film at all, infact I said it wasn't
"That bad of an ida to be honest."
So don't go and say "How could You AR-Cade, This film is gonna' rock!" Because in a year, U could be saying "This was the worst Video game flick I ever saw and I'm sorry I ever saw it." U might, U might. Although U might not. I honestly wouldn't object to it if Nintendo came to me wanting to do a film, I know of a few other gamers online which have their own films. And I wrote a book. I'm planning on making a few more books too, and a few guides as well.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Amiibo is coming

The great toys announced at this years E3 are coming out this holiday season. I just got word from Nintendo that the new Amiibo figs are coming out for Christmas and the first game they work with SSB for WiiU.
A few things I've learned from studying these new figs is that You 1st don't play as the character in the game but they fight with you. Thier like NPCs that you can train by either fighting with them or against them and building up their stats. Which is helpful for when your friend comes over and you wanna' kick his butt wih ur Amiibo. But even with all the cool figs, the only one I want is Mario. I think their also going to be coming out for Yoshi's Wolly World and some others too. Maybe Captain Toad??

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf Full Review, Video and review

Well I'm pleased to announce that my Home in Animal Crossing New Leaf will now and forever be known as The Super Mario and Nintendo Museum. I have to wait til' I turn my house into a mansion to fully finish my museum. But everytime I get a set of new items, I'll post about it. HERE. Until I start my museum, I thought I'd make a full text review on the game and a video for it, to match. First off, heres the long awaited vid:

I forgot  to mention that you can take photos, anytime during the game and save them to your SD by hitting both the top left and right buttons at the same time. But, just holding the right top button down, allows you to run instead of walking. U can't take pics inside every game made for the 3DS.

The Story of this game is very simplistic, U move out and go live in a new town [That you name] and instantly/accidentally become the mayor. I say accidental because you get a letter two days er' so after you start from the supposed person who was supposed to become the new mayor. But you'll have to do, because your all your town's got now.

The Point of it all is to just plain have fun, doing whatever it is that you want to do in your town, With the given choices you can make. Its interesting and fun to build up your town and bring together the animal people/kind In unbelievably cool ways to change or grow your town.

There is no goal, You just have accomplishments and tasks and fun. I try and create my own goals in the game by collecting a ton of Mario items and Nintendo items. Hence the M&N Museum.

The style of the game is just like the first Animal Crossing game for the GameCube, So for beginers or for anyone whos ever played AC games before. Basically if you've ever played Animal Crossing games before than this game should be simple to start.

My few dislikes, As always I don't wish to impose what I don't like onto others but I am giving this game my FULL review so I must be completely honest with what I say. I don't like the fortune teller but thats just me... I Hate getting stung by bees but at least its a bit realistic in the game. I don't like how the Axe can break but I think mine broke because I was hitting rocks. And even though it would take away from the series, it would be nice to have an auto-save feature to enable...  You can group together in your inventory and money too, but nothing else. And thats it....

Tips, Try and stock up on Durians [They sell for allot]. Check around every day for a money rock, hit rocks with your shovel, one will spit out money. And check the island late at night for expensive selling beetles. If you want to earn bells quick, then initiate the Bell Boom Ordinance.

I was blessed to get this game right after getting the first one in the same month so I'm very happy to announce the grand opening of my M&N Museum will be opening soon for those to visit [who own this game] and tag me. Otherwise I'll be making a video tour. I should be finished with my museum and just adding to it within 3 months.

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The 30th!! The Year of R.O.B.

So I guess that Next Year is the 30th Anniversary of Nintendo's Robotic Operated Buddy AKA: R.O.B. for short. The Robotic Operated Buddy was made for the original NES for interacting outside the TV through sensors. The ROB toy was made mainly to get a larger audience for the NES when it first came out. Nintendo had to deal with the Game Crash at the time and made this to make the console more of a TOY than a game console. And with all the other toy accessories that they made for it, Nintendo soon ruled the market. I'm sure things would've turned out differently if the R.O.B. hadn't been made. It was once used in SSB Brawl and has had a few cameos throughout the years of Nintendo, including in Pikmin 2 as "The Remembered Old Buddy" Haha!!
 I think [Well, someone suggested] that next year should be Nintendo's Year of ROB. What do U think, let me know in the comments. I do hope this happens, ROB needs some recognition and soon. Because ROB is every Gamers Buddy... A small robot friend to help U play some Nintendo...

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RED Cases

 It looks like every Mario game for the WiiU and 3DS will soon have some special Red cases!! Its almost ridiculous because I already own MK:7 and now its out with a red casing!!  :( Srsly, Now I have the plain ol' casing. Back when I got NSMB DS, I swapped cases with my lil' sis to get the red one. Then I officially got Mario & Luigi Bowser's inside story in a red case... But now Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 8 [WiiU] and 7 [3DS] all have red collectible cases!!! 0.0 Oh Boy, Now I HAVE to get them!! But honestly, Why does the better version of what you already bought always come out after you buy the original. Like I have Mario Kart 7, then I walk by MK:7 in the store and found it in a shiny red case!! That really bums me out.
Oh and I just found out that Mario Kart Double Dash once got a red case too!! And I got the original...

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Stand With me... And Game on!

What's the use of Gaming the way I do unless I engage my audience with my posts?? I've decided that My new campaign slogan is GO!! Yes, I know the word GO has been overused by many different companies, things and pages like mine... But the word GO for my page is an acronym for GAME ON! The idea for this campaign is not to get a bigger following for myself... But to give others the chance to support me in the Game On revaluation!! (LOL)  So come on Gamers, Stand beside me and give your Animal Crossing avatar a cool shirt that says you do. Lets GO & Game on!

All for now,

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Super Mario in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New leaf has no shortage of Mario items to collect, That much I know. But the original game for GameCube also has a good amount of Mario items to obtain. Although I haven't got them all just yet, My house is now a two-story house [In GCube] with a basement. And it's all paid off. I think one of the funniest things in Animal Crossing Population Growing [I've been told that's not the subtitle, but it is] is that when you pay off your house, Tom Nook makes you a monument in your honor. A monument! I wish that were the case in real life, when someone pays off their house that is. That's a big deal for such a little thing as that [in a game]. Tom Nook is funny too. Of course I did cheat a bit with the 30,000 Bell code, but even that, I had to work hard for. It took a long time to pay off the last loan, but with the built in Time-travel cheat, It makes it easier. I'v done so much with Animal Crossing New Leaf in a very short amount of time because of this cheat. Of course I hadn't planned on using it... But I could only complete so much in one day unless I did. So I did. I've gotten allot of Mario Items recently but not nearly half of what I want to get. I'll get it soon, but I need more fortune cookies. And I half to memorize military time in order to use the cheat properly. If you have any tips on how to do this, plz comment. P.S.- I hope to beat Super Mario Sunshine next month [Mario Month] Thx and...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mainly Mini games.

Well thank you Nintendo. I tried my hardest and its finally time to choose my prize, but Nintendo is handing out only virtual prizes this year. Which makes it harder for me to pick because their all mainly games filled with mini games.  the list includes:
◘ NES Remix
◘ Game & Wario
◘ DK Country returns 3D [I don't officially own it.]
◘ Mario and DK Minis on the move
And a couple others I won't bother to mention because their not on my lists.
My problem is that I can't pick just one of them. I know that sounds kinda' greedy [Like I'd rather have them all] But I assure U that I'm not having a hard time choosing because of greed. NES Remix is mostly remixed original games turned into mini games. Game & Wario is practically all Mini games. My Dad owns DK Country returns 3D so I can play it. And Mario & DK Minis on the move is just one big mini-game.
No offense, but I was hoping for some real solid new games this year. Or a real-life prize, not just a download. Plz help me decide which game to get in the comments. Thank you.

Edit: The Game I got is Game And Wario

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Animal Crossing New Leaf [3DS]

Hey Gamers, Hope your having a great day and Gaming hard, Today I thought that I'd talk on Animal Crossing New Leaf, for the 3DS. For a while I had planned on buying Tomodachi Life, then I found this game was cheaper (TLife: $35 ACNLeaf: $30.] And looked like allot more fun too. I still support Tomodachi life, but I'd rather buy this game right now. Just yesterday I got Animal Crossing for my Gamecube and already I've fallen in love with the comedicly fun series. For the 3DS, the game changes a bit and gives you the role of mayor and lets you do so much more than the original. Also, the original game has you wearing a horned helmet like a viking throughout the entire game. So I'm glad that's changed, plus I think you can use your mii in the game. I gotta' be honest, the thing that sold me for this game is that you can collect tons of different Mario and Nintendo items for your house. I will make mine a gamers paradise, but I still don't know what to name my town. Oh, did I forget to mention that I now plan on buying Animal Crossing New Leaf this Friday

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sega-Doomed since... Before they started.

 Well Gamers, The news from Sega [as usual] Is that they don't have any plans... They don't have ANY PLANS AT ALL?? I guess Sega told a big fan on Twitter [According to My Nintendo News] that they have no plans [at all] for WiiU's Virtual console game line. Odd, Sega's basically been going down-hill for years and they suddenly decide not to do what their fans want them to. See, that's probably not a smart move, Gamers tend to buy what they want and they hate it when their fav companies don't give them what they want to buy. Sega's original Slogan was [Unthinkably horrid] Sega Does what Ninten-don't. 0.0 What, Not sell consoles? "Ninten-does what Sega can't"- That's my slogan. Sega sadly made a very [kinda'] cool character to battle Mario... SONIC. Who failed miserably to beat him and eventually had to team up with Nintendo just to stay alive. I'm not sayin' all this because I'm a Nintendo fan-boy. I'm sayin it because it's common Gamer knowledge. SEGA Died, Nintendo spared Sonic and let him wander around like a penguin wrapped up in duct tape. Hey, that's not a bad Idea...
Won't happen.

Sonic is a pretty decent character and Sega is an okay company too, and it's cool that Mario is now friends with Sonic. And that Sonic is now technically a Nintendo character and in SSB games.  I hope that Sega does make some VC games for the WiiU though, if they don't do more stuff soon, then they'll lose their remaining fans. If your a Sega fan, plz don't hate me, because I do like Sonic. I just prefer Mario to Sonic.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

My Review- DK Country Returns 3D

Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii was so much fun and I often wondered what the game would be like in 3D. So for Nintendo's #3DSummer, I started my Dad's game of DK Country Returns 3D and found the Game to be exhilarating! The 3D pushed the back far behind DK and Diddy and  pushed them up closer to the player [me]. And when I was pulled to the back, it literally felt like I was playing in the background. The barrel shooting was seamless as it went and shot me around pillars, toward the screen, far away from it and sometimes so close I felt I could touch it. Ok so I'm exaggerating a little bit, but this game is really cool in 3D. The original game I played with my Sister and beat, then I beat this game in just 3 days. I beat it last night and I believe this game is a 3DS must have. Labeled "DK Country returns in a whole new dimension" on the back of the game, which was putting it lightly. The Game was definitely worth playing through again in 3D, I got to experience it all over again in a whole new way. With everything popping out at me and making me feel like I could go step through the screen.  I'm making a whole list of 3DS must haves. If You don't have a 3DS or XL yet, I recommend you get one.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014


The anniversary of when the first 3D Nintendo console was made is coming up fast. It was released in Japan on July 21, 1995. You may ask, What was released. The answer, The Virtual boy console. It was released as the first 3D out of the box "portable" console and it was... Kinda'. How anyone could lug the big thing all around like a gameboy is beyond me, but the console was labeled "portable" for some reason. The Virtual Boy was Nintendo's first 3D console and it hit North american shelves back in August 14, 1995. So either way, right around NOW is the console's anniversary. And I think that's great, considering Nintendo's newest Ad campaign being #3DSummer. I believe that we should celebrate the time Nintendo put down it's first building block to the 3DS by opening up ours [if U have one] And gaming like crazy. Share the gaming luv for the 3DS with Nintendo's hashtag #3DSummer

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Collection update:

Full collection shot

Some of MK: 8 Toys from Mcdonalds

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Nintendo wins E3

According to practically everyone online, Nintendo did the best at this Years E3. I agree. They always do the best.
 "Because it's Nintendo"-Reggie

Now Nintendo themselves has released a news update explaining how they literally won E3 (HERE).
Apparently They're still using SSB as  big promotional Hype for Nintendo. I don't think thats really a bad thing, just kinda' annoying how they continually advertise the same two games instead of coming out with some new stuff to promote. I believe that Mario Maker is the coolest and was the best Nintendo game title announced at this years E3. Nintendo of course announced some other pretty cools stuff like Star-Fox for WiiU. I just hope that Mario Maker comes out fast and we get some cool DLC for it and I'll be able to make my impossible Mario course. 
"Coming out of E3, Nintendo has earned several awards from media for the games shown. Overall, Nintendo has earned more than 120 awards and more than 200 nominations. The biggest winners include Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, Splatoon, Mario Maker and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker."-Nintendo
 Nintendo needs to release the new SSB games and then put their focus on other games. That's just what I think, not what I suggest. It's Nintendo's business but either way, I'm sure You'll agree.
As for the fact that Nintendo won 3 E# Game critic Awards, I couldn't be happier for them and I hope they continue on to make even more awards.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

SSB official release 3DS

Hey gamers, SSB for the 3DS will be out in October!! Yes You heard me right, the game comes out... After Summer... But Didn't they say it would come out Summer 2014... U know, June, July & August. Not the month after September! When the Summer actually ends?? Whyyyyyyyyy!? Did someone make a mistake or get injured er sumthin to halt progress so much that they'd have to move it a whole two months out of Summer. Dag-nab'-it! It musta' been MR. Iwata's Growth! Honestly, I have no clue. But the game won't come out until 10/3/2014. Although the other is still scheduled to release during Christmas season.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

I beat P VS Z.

[Zombies] Back when I got Plants Vs Zombies, I had no plan to beat the game quickly, But man did I trie. and I did, I tried and tried for months. I think I had the game [for DS] a whole year before beating it. And I beat it today!! YESSS!! I was thrilled when the credits came up and the music video played. The whole game was like a joke to anyone who's ever played the game "Zombies ate my neighbors". I think the game's developers had actually once played or owned the game "Zombies ate my neighbors", because the style and story are very similar to one-another. I think it was a very decent game and more or-less, a Love letter to retro games and a fun filled strategy game that makes you think to beat it and holds your attention until you do. I hope that You buy this, play it and enjoy it because I didn't think I would (I don't care too much for the undead) But it was awesomtacular and I still can't get the music out of my head. Here listen:

Check this out on Chirbit

Go Team Plants!!!

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K'nex Mario goes skateboarding

K'nex Mario's Skateboarding adventure

Mario Kart happy!!

Hey Gamers, I know this post is late but I totally forgot to post this on the 4th. I had allot of things to do that day, like build up a video montage of stop-motion Awesomtacular-ness!! With my Little Buddy K'nex Mario, on a skateboard in many different locations. Anyhoo, Theese toys are now available at any Mcdonalds near you in North America! Although it was kinda odd to see that they added the toys to the happy meal list way after the game came out. Oh-well!! I so badly want the visor and Mario!! They look awesomtacular. Though they are made cheaper, if you look closer you can see that Mario's Feet and Luigi's and Toad's And anyone in a kart, has their legs cut-off, or were made without legs. Srsly sad to see that Mario has no legs. again, OH-Well, The game and toys look Awesomtacular!! I'm definitely going to get these toys. Or at least Mario and the Mario Visor.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Check out K'nex Mario

Mario K'nex didn't have a fan page on FB so I made one for him and now I'll be sharing pictures of him and videos of him and the brand/ toys of Mario K'nex themselves. When new Mario K'nex stuff comes out at any time, I'll be sharing it.
(check out his page here)

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The Fourth of July, 2014

 Hey Gamers, this is just a short note to say Happy 4th to all of you!! I'll be spending this holiday playing my 3DS with my Dad and maybe my sisters for 3DSummer. And tomorrow I'll be taking some awesomtacular Firework pics. Next month I may go on a two day weekend vacation for Summer and I'm srsly excited for it. In other news, I'm finally starting to earn up a little cash and am hoping to buy some things very soon. Thing is that I still need to compile a targeted list of items to buy when I get enough cash. What R U hoping to play on your 3DS this month?? Let me know in the comments. I'll be playing NSMB2, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Lego Batman 2, Urban Trials Freestyle and My app "photos with Mario. Of course I always find something else to play as well. Happy 4th Gamers & Happy #3DSummer!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

3D world may one day be in full 3D

Super Mario 3D world may one day be in full 3D!! The  3DS is the first ever handheld console to have 3D without glasses. And we all know about the Virtual boy.  Well this is simply extraordinary in comparison to those two. In the latest post from My Nintendo news, they Say Nintendo has filled a very interesting patent for an Eye tracking device that enables 3D on a 2D surface/screen. If this is true than that means the WiiU may soon have 3DS games on it and 3D games!! Not necessarily without glasses like a 3DS, And not completely red like the Virtual Boy console, but 3D non-the-less! This will be incredible if it does happen!!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


To further promote the 3DS over the Summer for their fans/customers Nintendo has launched a new digital AD campaign/slogan for their new FB posts which is #3DSummer, by combining the two 3DS and Summer, Nintendo has began a new trend that I'm more than happy jumpin' on board with! The pic to the left is an official Nintendo photo of a man on the beach playing the 3DS. Obviously to promote playing the 3DS more this Summer and get more people excited for the 3DS over this 3DSummer. Told ya' I was into it! I hope U are too because within all the lies and rumors and junk, Nintendo needs and deserves some loyal supporters.

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Toy Bikes and Trials

So I'm sure U all know that I've played/ I own the game Urban Trials Freestyle, I basically conquered the game and then it automatically reset all my save data to be back to square one with it!! So now I have to beat it all over again!! Augh, Now some other Third party developer is tying to copy that game with the new game Toy Stunt Bike! Just like the Trial Series/franchise it's a side scrolling stunt game on a bike where you must complete the course while performing stunts. It's odd to me how no one can come up with something a bit more original instead of copying someone else's ideas. Toy Stunt bike is now available in the 3DS Eshop.
Although in comparison to Urban Trial Freestyle, the game has less than good graphics and looks silly.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My 3DS issues.

If you've been following any of my many updates then U know I've had a very hard time with moving over my old 3DS info and memory and stuff over to my XL. I just could not do it!! I wasn't getting rid of my original 3DS, I just got a new one and wanted to play it more so I needed all my old stuff and it was all trapped in my old one which I've now dubbed "The ol' Blue". Which has no relation to my broken Wii remote "The bad Blue" Just so U know... I remember when I first got my 3DS. It was the first of many that I got the actual year it came out, instead of the year after when the price dropped.

Mega man and Might No,9

Am I the only one who's noticed the complete similarities of the new game "Mighty No.9" and Megaman. It looks to be another kid robot with a mega-blaster and robotic powers. Megaman is now srsly going down-hill and people are suggesting that Nintendo buy him and his company up while their down. But Nintendo's always kinda' worked alone in a sense. So I'd respect them either way. If they'd choose not to buy them up then I'd respect their decision. But just look at this picture!! Same colors as Megaman, same build, same basic powers and style. I believe personally that this is a complete rip-off of the character and the company developing this game should try and set themselves apart from a game like Megaman and establish themselves as a separate game franchise. As for Megaman, he needs to make a good comeback outside of SSB. He needs a new/better game to bring him back up. Until next-time,

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The First Day of July 2014!

I honestly can't believe that July is already here, it seemed as though June would last a bit longer... Oh well, time flies when you're Gaming hard. This July is already a big thing too, I've heard fireworks and I've seen people setting up pools, the 4th is approaching!! July is always a big time for gamers because Game developers and Gaming companies know that when kids are out of school is the best time to put out the games and consoles and what not. Christmas is usually the best time for games to come out but Summer is still a great time for Gaming, Vacations, swimming, the beach, cook outs and tons more too! I've been playing a lot of Super Mario Sunshine but I'm still kinda' stuck in it... I may have to watch some vid guides on how to get past where I am. I'm excited to say that today marks the spot for the new Nintendo year and I'm thrilled to say that i'll soon be putting out new vids. I just don't know what to film yet. If your excited about Summer like me, let me know in the comments.

Happy New Nintendo Year and Game On Gamers!

Happy New Nintendo Year

The new Nintendo year started today for Club Nintendo, which means it's technically New Years today and last night was New Years Eve!! YaY! All Club Nintendo members will soon be given a list of prizes to choose from [if they qualified that is.] and  Wait til' around Christmas to get it... Wait, What? Yes every member is usually forced to wait around 5 months to get our awesomtacular prizes... Hopefully this year it's something major big!! I do have to correct myself though because U don't have to wait if u pick something digital. Anyhoo, Happy New Nintendo year everybody!! Feel free to leave a comment and share Ur fondest memories of Gaming in the past Nintendo years...

Check this out on Chirbit

Game On Gamers! Happy New Nintendo Year!!