Monday, June 23, 2014

Some of My fav scenes from the LEGO Movie

With this new post I'm starting off saying I may again watch The Lego movie today, I'll list my Fav scenes here and U tell me ur's in the comments if U want.
Here U go, some of My fav scenes from the LEGO Movie:
This scene is when Batman makes Unikitty stall the
 meeting for him and its sooooo Funny!

When Batman comes to Cloud-KooKoo-Land

Awesomely overpriced coffee  

All U do is fall and fall, they fall allot, well Emmet does.

I wish this were real so I could just make my hair
look awesome in the morning every morning

I'm here to see..... Your Butt!! "Is that a last name, Full name or, Gagh!"
This movie actually goes pretty fast at some points, Which I believe is to constantly hold the attention of the younger audience. But to some it almost moves too fast, for those of you who have weaker stomachs, I recommend U take some Tums or other, because I actually know someone who threw-up because of the old-west scene and how quickly the camera moves.

Game On Gamers!