Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I kinda' have a few things that I need to catch up with here, first I'd like to say that the Nintendo Digital event was kinda' weak yesterday but today their releasing a ton of info, including Star Fox for WiiU!! Total surprise there!! Also I found out today that U can now play as PAC-man in SSB!! People have wanted Pac-Man and Miis in SSB for a long time now so it's just plain Awesomtacular that their releasing them with the new SSB game. P.S. Been watching the LIVE TREEHOUSE event over @ Nintendo where they were playing SSB and one of the SSB tournement champions used Mario's Smash move so it's confirmed that Mario's smash move is in this game and is more affective then in Brawl. It's awesomtacular!! Also, They played the game with Game Cube controllers so the new Game Cube attachment is officially coming out for the WiiU!!! YES!! I can't wait to play this game (and with the GC attachment!) And can't wait to own some of the things announced at this years E3!!

Game On Gamers!