Friday, June 20, 2014

Post for Jacob- Watch Dogs- GTA

This post is mainly for another friend but it's directed at everyone who reads it. It's about the game watchdogs, the new GTA... Now I'm not gonna' tell anyone to stop playing Watchdogs or GTA 1-through 100000000000000. (It's a Fake number but U get the idea.)

Watchdogs and the other are just not for me, but let me tell U why and maybe U'll understand. 1st, I'm a Christian and will not support any thievery or sexual content of any kind, I know your saying stuff now about Batman Arkham games and how I own/play 2 of them. But Batman Arkham games are very different from games that promote dressing inappropriately and stealing and hacking into others lives. Watchdogs lets U do all of that and more so if theres one game I don't recommend it's this game, but don't stop reading my blog just because U disagree with one thing I say like "I don't like Watchdogs." Because even though it's hard for me to believe and accept, theres tons that don't like Mario.

When I get right down to it, I'd prefer to play games where your a hero and doing something U know is good and right because it's not "just a game"... Its a sport that shows in us in our lives, U play it and it comes out in U. I play Mario games allot, When I do I'm always focused to get things done and beat the game. In real life when Ur given a task to accomplish or/and want to just get something done... I find that it's good to be focused on the task until I've done it to my/its full potential . So do U wanna play games where Ur doing something U know is WRONG, or be the hero. U decide.

EDIT:" I've already gotten some negative feedback from this post [as expected] All i can say is that I took a big risk coming out and saying all this because these games have allot of faithful defenders. Honestly I could care less if YOU own the game or play it and I don't need a lesson in grammar. Like I've said before, This is why I don't play them. I'm Not saying you shouldn't, I just personally wouldn't recommend them. If you've got some negative feedback you'd like to share then consider this, I'm not attacking you by saying that I don't prefer the games. I'm just saying that I don't. If you'd like to leave more comments then feel free to do so but this post was only my PERSONAL opinion and was not created for an all out war. so thaaaarrrrre."

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