Friday, June 27, 2014


Isn't it bad enough that I can't find decent shows to watch on Netflix.... Do they really have to lie to me too??
 Just yesterday I was scrolling through the list of very few Netflix choices when I saw SMB Super show on the list of POPULAR again... Why do people like a show that did it wrong so much?? it's like Sonic Underground... The dumbest Sonic toon ever made. It was mostly a never-ending musical and had a pointless story that went the wrong way entirely... Almost worse than the upcoming Sonic Boom [Sonic Flop]. Anyhoo, The SMB Super show was once again on the list, only this time it said overtop of it... "New Episodes". No I'm not joking. The show that did it wrong and lasted too long said "New Episodes." We all now that their no longer making this show so why did it take so long to put "New episodes" on Netflix... I think the main reason this show stinks is because Nintendo didn't actually make it...  Otherwise it doesn't really make sense.

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