Saturday, June 21, 2014

Miyamoto asks

Miyamoto is asking the world what we want to see in the WiiU games to come, or in other words "What do U want from the WiiU"...

At an E3 interview...
"Miyamoto asked the Kotaku Magazine to ask their readers what games they would like to see Nintendo create for the Wii U. He said to Kotaku writer Stephen Totilo that if they get a really good answer then to give him a call."- My Nintendo News 
This opens a whole new set of doors, the creator of Mario is asking the public whose turning away what they want from Nintendo to make and bring them back. Nintendo is being very open and willing to change so much and adapt and pull in your own ideas now, its truly amazing. So to all of the ones who are moving past Nintendo to the consoles labeled "Next Gen" Start thinking because Nintendo wants U back and I will never leave. As well, to all of those who luv Nintendo games already... What do U wanna play on WiiU because their now obviously taking suggestions.

Game On Gamers!