Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Goodwill and Mario

 Well as always Goodwill disappoints me... Just two days ago I went to buy a plush Super Mario that had no tag [I had bought stuff from them unmarked before] and when I took it up to the the checkout, the lady told me that they "sadly we have to send it back to processing." Not to mention the Plush was damaged and old looking. I just wanted to give it a home and Goodwill ripped it away from me because it didn't have a tag. And I guess it was marked the day before for $5.00 + but it was old and damaged. The kind of plush you'd only pay a buck or two for. Their so greedy there that it just makes me wanna' scream!! My aunt once found me a large plush Mario for only $1.00 @ Goodwill and a friend just found one in Goodwill today marked $6.00!!! Sheesh! I can't believe they'd try and pull something like that. The one I got for $1.00 was undamaged but the one marked $6.00 had a broken zipper. hmmmm.               Call me crazy but I don't completely trust goodwill anymore...

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