Friday, June 13, 2014


So one of the big things I heard at this years online E3 events is that there will be a Mario Party ten coming out for WiiU, but it's not really gonna' be a MARIO party. But it's gonna be a Bowser Party where Bowser is the ruler of the Party. Call me crazy but this doesn't really sound all that fun to me. To be tormented by the King of Koopas seems to kinda' not be on my TO-Do list.

Funny vid from E3
The hype for SSB grows and grows by the hour. Especially since U can now play as Pac-man and Mii characters in the two new SSB games.
This Gif was taken from the Nintendo Digital event where Iwata and Reggie fought in real life as though they are Mii characters. One of my few E3 predictions was that U could play as Miis in SSB! And through in PAC-man as a bonus, I'm excited!! Iwata won this fight with Amiibo, I wish Reggie won though...

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