Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Combined post- Galaxies-Sunshine-Sega-Mcdonalds & Drifting

1. Sunshine and Galaxies

Since like..... Forever, I've been suggesting Nintendo make a Super Mario Galaxy 3 and Sunshine 2 but now Nintendo's implying that they may someday soon make a Sunshine 2 game and more. Their literally asking for ideas [well, Mr. Miyamoto is]. Mr. Miyamoto's working on many different games right now, including a Starfox game for WiiU [people have been begging for this for a long time], with this new game coming out that can only mean that Nintendo is starting to give into popular demand and may soon make the few new Mario games were deeply wanting.

2. Sega Vs Nintendo

I just recently read 4-5 chapters into the book "Console Wars" by Blake J. Harris and I was severly disappointed with it I must say. I always hate it when people swear in books, its bad enough that the author had to swear in almost every page but he took it all mainly from Sega's view but Sega actually lost the war. If your a real gamer at all You'd already know who came out on top of the console wars and won the title "The greatest gaming company in the world". So I found it almost saddening that He took it from the loosing sides point of view. I would have preferred it if he had make it out to be more or less Nintendo and Sega had a good battle and the better side won -- over Nintendo completely crushing the whiny little Sega. 
It just would have appealed better to me. Although he was extremely accurate with the details. And speaking on the failures both companies had to go through. Like Nintendo was once experimental with their company [wayyy to experimental] and went through the mud to climb up the ladder to where they are today. YaY! Although I've always been on Nintendo's side. I didn't like this book or "Super Mario, How Nintendo conquered America" But I haven't read "Game Over" Yet, would U reccomend it?

In other news there's rumors now that this story "Console Wars" will someday soon become a film. IDK, but I kinda' hope not.

3.Mcdonalds & Mario

Back when SMB-3 was still a new game, Mcdonalds was releasing Mario toys which today are serious collectors items, then they stopped and a few years ago BKing released WiiU/Mario toys that went over very well. I'm positive that Mcdonalds took notice of this and began to test a reunited Mario partnership in a foreign country to see how well it went over. It must have done very well because news is now that Nintendos gonna' be putting out some Mario Kart 8 toys for Mcdonalds in just a little while. [pics above] I hope to get Mario and the Super Mario visor there. Although I'm not sure of the official date the release of these toys is for America. I do know that on their site their labeled as "Next toys to come".

4.Drifting from one to another

I've noticed that over the few years WiiU has been out people have began drifting from what kept gaming alive to things like XBox and Sony. I'm not saying their consoles are bad but without Nintendo they may have never come to be. Sega died hard, they crashed and burned and now their making Games for Nintendo just to stay alive [a little] Sonics pretty much the only thing keeping buyers coming to them and their messing that up too, with a BOOM! All I'm saying is we shouldn't put aside the company that only makes fun games and has kept gaming alive for years!!

Game On Gamers!