Monday, June 2, 2014

Let's go Play Nintendo

 Nintendo is now literally telling people to play their consoles and games with their newest event. "Play Nintendo" Tour for 2014. they'll be kick-starting it this month in California. Mainly for publicity of Nintendo @ E3 2014!! June 10th on Twitch Nintendo's digital Event. So if U can't afford a trip to E3 this year, then just turn on their Digital event on June 10th. I'll be watching it and making updates by the hour of the many different things coming out (announced) @ E3. edit: i JUST GOT AN e-MAIL Nintendo saying that the Nintendo Tree-house will be Live on their event and Nintendo's having a couple SSB events happening at the same time. Anyhoo, this "Play Nintendo" Tour will start this weekend and it;s goal is to basically promote the new games announced around E3. It's starting in California and I hope it comes this way as it is a US event. Mario Kart 8 is growing immensely popular and I'm getting more excited to buy it. What I thought would only be a month of waiting now allows U to wait 3 months before it expires. Just so u know, I'm talking about buying and registering MK:8 on Club Nintendo for a free game. U can now wait till' September to get the Free game. :D YAY!!

Game On Gamers!