Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What suit do U want to come back?

With Nintendo asking questions like "What do U want on WiiU?" This makes me wonder what could come next for the WiiU, especially for Mario. Mario's had some weirdly cool looking suits in the past and now everyones fav is the cat suit, but Marios worn many different outfits in the past, like The Frog Suit or the Tanooki suit. I'd prefer the Frog Suit to make a comeback but I'd almost like Nintendo to make a new suit "The Tree Frog suit" They already have Mario climbing up the walls so this wouldn't be much different at all. Lets be honest though, when U [and I] originally saw the Cat suit we were like "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" and then Mario showed us that even dressed as a cat, his games are awesomtacular and can't be beat. Mario's many different outfits may seem a bit unusual to use in his line of work as a protector in TMK but they always prove useful. And Bowsers always too stupid to win. Soooo, Which suit do U want to come back in a new Super Mario game??

Game On Gamers!