Friday, June 20, 2014

Minecraft-U ??

(is Minecraft dying??) My Nintendo news recently posted a new and very interesting subject soon after I asked the world, "Is Minecraft over??" They say that during another Nintendo interview (tons going on after E3) that Mr. Miyamoto Was asked  about Minecraft ever getting onto the WiiU (would be Awesomtacular) and he jokingly suggested that it may actually be possible.

IDK if this will actually happen but I've wanted Minecraft to come onto a gaming console of Nintendo's [Like the WiiU] for a very long time. That doesn't mean it will but my hopes are now very high. Although Mr. Miyamoto has never actually played Minecraft [It's not popular in Japan] He says that from what he's heard, it sounds very similar to the category of Mario Maker [The newest Mario game, coming soon]. He also joked around with the fact that they may someday join up with Mojang and make a "Minecraft-U" game. I came up with the "very creative title" LOL, but this being said makes me think, "Will Minecraft be saved from total destruction by Nintendo, as many other companies and games have?"  What do U think??

Game On Gamers!