Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014 - Because it's Nintendo- E3 recap

 Well, even though I've always been a huge fan of Nintendo (and still am) I was somewhat disappointed in their Digital event they just had. The event lasted only about 1hr and ended with Nintendo Treehouse saying to "Come back tomorrow for more" and Nintendo Minute with their very awkward hosting. Nintendo only announced a few new GREAT games this year and will announce more throughout the week of E3. But I was waiting to hear it all today.

 The few good games they announced including SSB with the use of their newest invention "Amiibo!" were,
1.SSB-3DS-WiiU ed.

2.Yoshi's Wholly World, which interacts with Amiibo and is not a sequel to any Kirby yarn game but a whole new Yoshi game that's like Yoshi's island but is not in that series at all.

3.Captain Toad, he's getting his first official game that's mostly solving puzzles.
And my personal FAV:

4. Mario Maker, Which allows U to experiment with new and old fashioned Mario game's this mixture of Retro and modern will be a blast!! I hope to one day own this game.

5.Amiibo has been announced for WiiU but it's now been said it will one day also work on the 3DS.

Not much more great stuff was announced today  but Mr. Miyamoto will be live on the Treehouse event tomorrow. I hope they put it on their site.  Nintendo.e3.com
Reggie (CEO of Nintendo of America) actually stated during the vid that he expects old/new Nintendo fans to be loyal because it's Nintendo. Obviously addressing all the many people that are calling the WiiU a failure and aren't playing much Nintendo anymore. Literally stating that they should wise up "Because it's Nintendo!"

All for now,

Game On Gamers!