Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Whats the deal with the game that's been claimed as "awesome" by many people, now being claimed to be just another passing fad by nearly everyone!? Minecraft has always been a very highly supported game by the many PC gamers that own it/ or have played it. I even kinda' like it... But lately I've been hearing stuff like Minecraft is "a fad, dying, old news" and more. Like I said before it's now very well known as a "Passing Fad." But now so is Angry Birds. ???? Does every game &/or console go through this stage? Because the WiiU and many other things right now are going through similar talk.
Unless Mojang does something new soon (Like minecraft-2) then I guess I'd have to agree with the talk and say it's over and it had a good run. It would be awesomtacular if it came to WiiU!!

Game On Gamers!