Monday, June 30, 2014

The ups and downs of Club Nintendo

It's the end of what was and the start of New... Well kinda', the old's still there but where adding to it now because today begins the New Nintendo Year... According to Club Nintendo, July 1st [tomorrow] begins the new Nintendo Year and today ends the old. Nintendo hasn't told me that my coins are expiring but all members are supposed to now use up ur old coins while U have them... Problem is that I don't have enough coins to get anything at all sooooo... I guess I just lose em' all. [**SIGH!!**] OH well, I may still have a few coins up my sleeves.

As it turns out, most of the regular Club Nintendo prizes are now out of stock in the USA. Although this is upsetting somewhat, I am very excited because [probably tomorrow] now I can pick my Elite Status Prize!! This year I got Platinum!! Every year if U earn 600 coins then U get the highest status possible and U can pick 1 out of IDK how many prizes!! one year they offered a Super Mario Hat and I didn't get it somehow, I've wanted it ever since then!!!

Other than the sometimes annoying lack of prizes and huge Coin cost, Club Nintendo is awesomtacular and if  you play Nintendo you should consider joining now! If you are already a member then you  should consider spending the coins you have while you still have them because they may be gone tomorrow!

Game On Gamers.