Monday, June 30, 2014

Miyamoto was answered

[Miyamoto asked] A while ago Mr. Miyamoto asked the public what new games we wanted on the WiiU... The results are in and the game at the top of the list was a new Metroid game.... :( Man!! a new 3D Mario game didn't even make the top three!! But it was specific in saying that they want either [or both] a new SM Galaxy [3] &/or a new Super Mario Sunshine... I personally believe it would be cool if Nintendo put out a new Super Mario Sunshine as well as the original for WiiU. Because not everyone has the original Game Cube or original game and I think all Mario fans should play the old Sunshine game as well as get a sequel to it to match! I guess people also want a new F-zero...

A somewhat surprising response to this poll was one magazine reader suggested that Nintendo Buy Capcom.... Nice idea but not a game, a company that's heading down-hill.
Also, no news on Minecraft for WiiU... Just a rumor?? IDK but Mr.Miyamoto said it may be possible so it could happen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.. That's all for now Gamers,

Until next time; This is AR-Cade