Saturday, June 21, 2014

What happened to Flipnote!?

I don't complain too much about stuff like... Flipnote for the 3DS coming soon, but we've been waiting for this for a while. and I just recently found it's official site, and learned a few things... The application is FREE but not all of it's included services are. U can share with all your registered friends for FREE but to share ur work with all the world U must PAY!! Yes... Another application where U must continually pay to use a big feature. Although I am very glad the app will be free. They should've followed in Nintendos direct footsteps and made the whole app free like "Photos with Mario" is. Although U have to buy points for the cards... Oh-well! This game looks like fun and I'm sad it hasn't been announced yet like @E3 2014!!

Game On Gamers!