Monday, June 16, 2014

The 2DS, more and more...

"Play the 2DS Tour!"
Since day one I've been hearing nothing but great stuff about Nintendo's 2DS. The console itself is pointless and downgrades from it's older brothers 3DS and the XL. To own one as well as both of those would be horrible because your comparing 3D awesomtacular-ity to a 2D Gameboy version. I'm talking on the 2DS (again) because I just found out that the "Play Nintendo tour is mainly to get kids across America to get their parents to buy a 2D version of an amazing console. I love most of what Nintendo does but this is an honest grab at money here, this console isn't worth buying. However I did see that Nintendo is also promoting the WiiU which I will always support but to be frank, I hope the 2DS dies and Nintendo moves on from it soon because this is getting ridiculous. People think the 2DS is great for kids but the 3DS's 3D can be turned off for crying out loud!! I saw today someone just gave their I-phone to their Baby!! Are U people nuts, Ur kid-is-too-young-to-play with expensive stuff!! No-offense but the 2DS is pointless and if U think ur kid is too young to have a 3DS... WAIT!!!

Game On Gamers!