Monday, June 30, 2014

Miyamoto was answered

[Miyamoto asked] A while ago Mr. Miyamoto asked the public what new games we wanted on the WiiU... The results are in and the game at the top of the list was a new Metroid game.... :( Man!! a new 3D Mario game didn't even make the top three!! But it was specific in saying that they want either [or both] a new SM Galaxy [3] &/or a new Super Mario Sunshine... I personally believe it would be cool if Nintendo put out a new Super Mario Sunshine as well as the original for WiiU. Because not everyone has the original Game Cube or original game and I think all Mario fans should play the old Sunshine game as well as get a sequel to it to match! I guess people also want a new F-zero...

A somewhat surprising response to this poll was one magazine reader suggested that Nintendo Buy Capcom.... Nice idea but not a game, a company that's heading down-hill.
Also, no news on Minecraft for WiiU... Just a rumor?? IDK but Mr.Miyamoto said it may be possible so it could happen. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.. That's all for now Gamers,

Until next time; This is AR-Cade

My latest vid features stop-motion

Come view it here:  THE VID

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Collection update June 30th 2014

A slightly damaged Paratroopa from SMB3 Mcdonalds toys & a brand New NES Controller hat

The ParaTroopa fit right in with the other toys on my middle shelf.

My Hat rack had a bare spot so I used the NES hat
and and older Mario hat to fill up the spot..

Awesomtacular logo, I kept the tag but took it off the hat.

looks nice up there with the others.

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The ups and downs of Club Nintendo

It's the end of what was and the start of New... Well kinda', the old's still there but where adding to it now because today begins the New Nintendo Year... According to Club Nintendo, July 1st [tomorrow] begins the new Nintendo Year and today ends the old. Nintendo hasn't told me that my coins are expiring but all members are supposed to now use up ur old coins while U have them... Problem is that I don't have enough coins to get anything at all sooooo... I guess I just lose em' all. [**SIGH!!**] OH well, I may still have a few coins up my sleeves.

As it turns out, most of the regular Club Nintendo prizes are now out of stock in the USA. Although this is upsetting somewhat, I am very excited because [probably tomorrow] now I can pick my Elite Status Prize!! This year I got Platinum!! Every year if U earn 600 coins then U get the highest status possible and U can pick 1 out of IDK how many prizes!! one year they offered a Super Mario Hat and I didn't get it somehow, I've wanted it ever since then!!!

Other than the sometimes annoying lack of prizes and huge Coin cost, Club Nintendo is awesomtacular and if  you play Nintendo you should consider joining now! If you are already a member then you  should consider spending the coins you have while you still have them because they may be gone tomorrow!

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Friday, June 27, 2014


Isn't it bad enough that I can't find decent shows to watch on Netflix.... Do they really have to lie to me too??
 Just yesterday I was scrolling through the list of very few Netflix choices when I saw SMB Super show on the list of POPULAR again... Why do people like a show that did it wrong so much?? it's like Sonic Underground... The dumbest Sonic toon ever made. It was mostly a never-ending musical and had a pointless story that went the wrong way entirely... Almost worse than the upcoming Sonic Boom [Sonic Flop]. Anyhoo, The SMB Super show was once again on the list, only this time it said overtop of it... "New Episodes". No I'm not joking. The show that did it wrong and lasted too long said "New Episodes." We all now that their no longer making this show so why did it take so long to put "New episodes" on Netflix... I think the main reason this show stinks is because Nintendo didn't actually make it...  Otherwise it doesn't really make sense.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Goodwill and Mario

 Well as always Goodwill disappoints me... Just two days ago I went to buy a plush Super Mario that had no tag [I had bought stuff from them unmarked before] and when I took it up to the the checkout, the lady told me that they "sadly we have to send it back to processing." Not to mention the Plush was damaged and old looking. I just wanted to give it a home and Goodwill ripped it away from me because it didn't have a tag. And I guess it was marked the day before for $5.00 + but it was old and damaged. The kind of plush you'd only pay a buck or two for. Their so greedy there that it just makes me wanna' scream!! My aunt once found me a large plush Mario for only $1.00 @ Goodwill and a friend just found one in Goodwill today marked $6.00!!! Sheesh! I can't believe they'd try and pull something like that. The one I got for $1.00 was undamaged but the one marked $6.00 had a broken zipper. hmmmm.               Call me crazy but I don't completely trust goodwill anymore...

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Iwata wasn't here

According to "My Nintendo News" Mr. Satoru Iwata [CEO of  Nintendo] had to undergo Surgery for a growth through the week of E3 and thats why he completely missed it. I had wondered why he wouldn't be in the videos as much as usual and now I know. Although he did manage to be squeezed into the main vid Nintendo made with an awesomtacular battle with Reggie. Which also introduced the greatest thing they introduced @E3 2014 "Amiibo" So I guess he showed up in a big way. Although for the rest of the event it makes sense that he couldn't be apart of it because he was in surgery. What doesn't make sense is how I didn't know about his surgery sooner. OH-Well, I hope that Mr. Iwata is back up on his feet soon because we need more Nintendo and for that we need the whole team... Mr. Iwata, Reggie, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario, the Treehouse and Batman... Wait.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Combined post- Galaxies-Sunshine-Sega-Mcdonalds & Drifting

1. Sunshine and Galaxies

Since like..... Forever, I've been suggesting Nintendo make a Super Mario Galaxy 3 and Sunshine 2 but now Nintendo's implying that they may someday soon make a Sunshine 2 game and more. Their literally asking for ideas [well, Mr. Miyamoto is]. Mr. Miyamoto's working on many different games right now, including a Starfox game for WiiU [people have been begging for this for a long time], with this new game coming out that can only mean that Nintendo is starting to give into popular demand and may soon make the few new Mario games were deeply wanting.

What suit do U want to come back?

With Nintendo asking questions like "What do U want on WiiU?" This makes me wonder what could come next for the WiiU, especially for Mario. Mario's had some weirdly cool looking suits in the past and now everyones fav is the cat suit, but Marios worn many different outfits in the past, like The Frog Suit or the Tanooki suit. I'd prefer the Frog Suit to make a comeback but I'd almost like Nintendo to make a new suit "The Tree Frog suit" They already have Mario climbing up the walls so this wouldn't be much different at all. Lets be honest though, when U [and I] originally saw the Cat suit we were like "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" and then Mario showed us that even dressed as a cat, his games are awesomtacular and can't be beat. Mario's many different outfits may seem a bit unusual to use in his line of work as a protector in TMK but they always prove useful. And Bowsers always too stupid to win. Soooo, Which suit do U want to come back in a new Super Mario game??

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Monday, June 23, 2014

We want our Sunshine!!

Mr.Miyamoto has asked us before what we want to come out for the WiiU and to give him our ideas, none of us have a direct line to them but Nintendo needs to know that we've always wanted these games to come and they never have. Super Mario Sunshine is an awesomtacular game for the Gamecube but I wanted a new sunshine remake for the WiiU from E3 and a Sunshine 2 game!! Those would be awesomtacular to play/own!! I know U agree so tell Nintendo.

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Late post-End of the Wii

As many of U know, Nintendo stopped producing the original Wii console not too long ago and I suppose its because the console has grown old enough to move on to just the WiiU, but many games now that supported old Nintendo Wii features will not be in use and only WiiU features will be used, the new console is better and even more awesomtacular but the Wii was also a great and innovative console. If U have a Wii U may wanna' start thinking about getting a WiiU because I'm sure all new Mario games are coming to the WiiU from now on. So just incase U didn't know, the Wii is sadly over from now on and only paid-for features [like Netflix] can still be used on them.

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I share My Birthday with Nintendo

I just recently discovered something amazing about the day that Nintendo was officially created and I'm still in complete shock from the truth. It's hard to believe that I haven't noticed this before being that I've been collecting for over 4 years now. I was reading through a bit of Console wars (the section speaking of NOA/Nintendo of America) and found out that the DAY I was born (not the year) was the same as the Day Nintendo came to be. They came to be on September 23rd 1889 and my Birthday is September 23rd, 1997. The same day I celebrate my collectors anniversary!! YaY!! So I basically share my Birthday with Nintendo. I find it amazing I didn't know this and that I share my Birthday with a company which I deeply support and love to buy products from!! Not to mention I was actually classified one of their most valuable customers!! So everytime I celebrate my Birthday/anniversary I also celebrate Nintendo's!! Woohooo!! I honestly still can't believe it, it's a very odd coincidence...
Source: Wikipedia & Google

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Some of My fav scenes from the LEGO Movie

With this new post I'm starting off saying I may again watch The Lego movie today, I'll list my Fav scenes here and U tell me ur's in the comments if U want.
Here U go, some of My fav scenes from the LEGO Movie:
This scene is when Batman makes Unikitty stall the
 meeting for him and its sooooo Funny!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

What happened to Flipnote!?

I don't complain too much about stuff like... Flipnote for the 3DS coming soon, but we've been waiting for this for a while. and I just recently found it's official site, and learned a few things... The application is FREE but not all of it's included services are. U can share with all your registered friends for FREE but to share ur work with all the world U must PAY!! Yes... Another application where U must continually pay to use a big feature. Although I am very glad the app will be free. They should've followed in Nintendos direct footsteps and made the whole app free like "Photos with Mario" is. Although U have to buy points for the cards... Oh-well! This game looks like fun and I'm sad it hasn't been announced yet like @E3 2014!!

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Miyamoto asks

Miyamoto is asking the world what we want to see in the WiiU games to come, or in other words "What do U want from the WiiU"...

At an E3 interview...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Minecraft-U ??

(is Minecraft dying??) My Nintendo news recently posted a new and very interesting subject soon after I asked the world, "Is Minecraft over??" They say that during another Nintendo interview (tons going on after E3) that Mr. Miyamoto Was asked  about Minecraft ever getting onto the WiiU (would be Awesomtacular) and he jokingly suggested that it may actually be possible.

Post for Jacob- Watch Dogs- GTA

This post is mainly for another friend but it's directed at everyone who reads it. It's about the game watchdogs, the new GTA... Now I'm not gonna' tell anyone to stop playing Watchdogs or GTA 1-through 100000000000000. (It's a Fake number but U get the idea.)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Post for Jearmy-Get online with the Wii

Well I'm making this post for my good friend Jearmy (I think thats how its spelled) Who owns an awesomtacular Blue Wii and cannot connect it to the internet even though he has Wi-fi, he just needs to know how... Well I'll give a basic idea then I'll give a LINK, for full instructions. Okay so what U wanna' do is...

  1. Turn on your Wii...
  2. Hit the "Wii" icon
  3. Hit "Wii Settings"
  4. hit the right arrow and hit "Internet"
  5. Hit "Connection Settings"
  6. go to "Connection 1" and search for your access point...
  7. Then enter your password for your internet access router  
  8. and then finally go back to ur home menu and hit "Internet Channel"
Thats all I know Jeremy but heres a LINK to find out more...

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55 and stuck

Well just as the title suggests I've collected 55+ Shines in Super Mario Sunshine and have not been able to get anymore!! I've been trying like crazy but it's hard enough as it is to find some extra levels when I've already done so much. I don't have many complaints on Super Mario Sunshine so here they are... 

Glitch I found HERE

1. The islanders phrases are always the same
2. Yoshi dissolves in water
3. When U get the sunglasses they never stay on ur face and have to be renewed often

Other than those few, the game is awesomtacular!! And I hope it one day gets adapted to the WiiU and gets a sequel to match, YaY!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Bad Blue

A while ago I had purchased two Rockcandy Wii remotes from Goodwill and surprisingly they worked perfectly! Well until yesterday that is... The green one of the two still works fine, but the bad blue does not work anymore. Ever since yesterday it hasn't turned on. That's the problem with buying stuff used, U don't know how well it really works or how long it may last. So my advice to U is to make sure U know it will work before U buy it (if U can). No I have to replace it [hopefully with a Mario Wii remote :D]. And I also need to get 3 new nun-chucks as well. Augh!!!

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My Cake Toppers

Well I did it! At long last I bought those Mario Kart Wii cake toppers I saw in the store on a cake, they cost me $5.00 but their worth it, their the most detailed Mario Kart Wii figs I have ever purchased and I'm so happy their in my collection, although the MK: 7 & 8 karts look tons cooler, Theese things look awesome and would look awesomtacular on a cake. But there's no-way I'm taking them out of their package, EVER!!

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Mario Maker_Gamepad_Sunshine 2

 Well Nintendo has stated that the WiiU won't be supporting two gamepads anytime soon which is okay with me, but the Mario Maker WiiU game also will not support 2 player. although somewhat disappointing it's not really that big of a deal...


Yesterday I got the Lego Movie from Meijer for around $15.00, the store was bundling the game with the film for $10 off since it just came out, but I couldn't afford the Awesomtacular deal. Even with the $10 off it was wayy too much for the total price. So I had to settle for just the (awesometacular) film. I just got through with watching it today and it was literally (again) an awesome experience. The film is definitely worth watching over and over again and spreads a good message through comedic humor and fun. I (of course) will watch it over and over again myself. As I hope U do as well. And I will one day get the game to match so don't worry.

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Whats the deal with the game that's been claimed as "awesome" by many people, now being claimed to be just another passing fad by nearly everyone!? Minecraft has always been a very highly supported game by the many PC gamers that own it/ or have played it. I even kinda' like it... But lately I've been hearing stuff like Minecraft is "a fad, dying, old news" and more. Like I said before it's now very well known as a "Passing Fad." But now so is Angry Birds. ???? Does every game &/or console go through this stage? Because the WiiU and many other things right now are going through similar talk.
Unless Mojang does something new soon (Like minecraft-2) then I guess I'd have to agree with the talk and say it's over and it had a good run. It would be awesomtacular if it came to WiiU!!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

The 2DS, more and more...

"Play the 2DS Tour!"
Since day one I've been hearing nothing but great stuff about Nintendo's 2DS. The console itself is pointless and downgrades from it's older brothers 3DS and the XL. To own one as well as both of those would be horrible because your comparing 3D awesomtacular-ity to a 2D Gameboy version. I'm talking on the 2DS (again) because I just found out that the "Play Nintendo tour is mainly to get kids across America to get their parents to buy a 2D version of an amazing console. I love most of what Nintendo does but this is an honest grab at money here, this console isn't worth buying. However I did see that Nintendo is also promoting the WiiU which I will always support but to be frank, I hope the 2DS dies and Nintendo moves on from it soon because this is getting ridiculous. People think the 2DS is great for kids but the 3DS's 3D can be turned off for crying out loud!! I saw today someone just gave their I-phone to their Baby!! Are U people nuts, Ur kid-is-too-young-to-play with expensive stuff!! No-offense but the 2DS is pointless and if U think ur kid is too young to have a 3DS... WAIT!!!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Collection update 6/14/14 posted 6/15/2014 July

My update for this month, P.S.: Happy Fathers Day Dads!!

All I've collected so far for July 2014
Click read more for more...

Friday, June 13, 2014


So one of the big things I heard at this years online E3 events is that there will be a Mario Party ten coming out for WiiU, but it's not really gonna' be a MARIO party. But it's gonna be a Bowser Party where Bowser is the ruler of the Party. Call me crazy but this doesn't really sound all that fun to me. To be tormented by the King of Koopas seems to kinda' not be on my TO-Do list.

My Summer Haul-OVER??

I do not regret to say that My Summer haul has been canceled. The stress of trying to collect everything all at once has ended as well. because I figured that I get so many great things when I'm not looking as hard and just buying and collecting whatever I want that it was pointless/silly to try and get 16 items all at once like that. I already got almost ten items for my collection haul that weren't on my haul list at all!! I think that everytime I make a collection update I'm technically making a big haul. So it was pointless of me to try and get all that at once when I'm blessed to just get one thing at a time or more.

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