Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update 5/27/2014

1. Mario Kart 8 will be out in just 3 Days now, the countdown to awesomtacular fun will soon come to an end. I will most likely get Pikmin 3 with the game and I hope to get in time to register for it.

2.Some of my constant 3DS Photo Showcase entries have been accepted and have made the Photos of the week page!! =D I'll be submitting more soon, THX for the Votes!!

3.Nintendo may soon release a new system for figures to interact with the WiiU just like the very popular game "Skylanders" Series.

4. Lego Batman is getting mighty big, now going into it's 3rd installment in the series. "LEGO BATMAN 3" And I believe Batman's voice is now the voice of Batman from "THE LEGO MOVIE"

5. Batman's Voice from the game series "ARKHAM" Hasn't changed since Origins but now Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman in a new Arkham MINI FILM from DC. It doesn't surprise me that Kevin's back It's surprising that Troy Baker is doing the voice AGAIN for an almost older JOKER. 

6. Photos with Mario now has it's own Nintendo website!! =D

7. I bought Super Mario Sunshine for Game Cube, and although I collected ten Shines and saved all my info on a memory card, my game wont play past piranha park!! So I'm going to have to buy another one on eBay. sadly I wasted 13 dollars on a game from a man who is completely unreliable. Now when I buy from him again I'll make sure to check the games for scratches and gunk and if I can I'll test them out.

Game On Gamers!