Saturday, May 31, 2014

DSU and Game Cube on WiiU

Gamers everywhere are hoping (and have been for years) that the WiiU could also play Game Cube Games, It may soon be able to. Which opens many doors of possibility's. They could make new Game Cube games as well. All I know is that Nintendo announced recently that They will be selling a new WiiU attachment (which I came up with first but Never submitted to Nintendo) That will allow players to hook up old and new Game Cube controllers to play with the new WiiU SSB game. Man, their really pushing up the hype for these new games. I'm excited but also worried I may never afford all these new products Nintendo's popping out onto the market.

One Product Gamers want but will probably Never happen is a card reader that reads DS & 3DS cards for the WiiU console. Again, this is most likely not possible and their probably going put the games on virtual console for WiiU instead of giving Gamers a way of avoiding RE-buying all their old games for a new console. It's all about Cash sadly, they may never give us exactly what we want but at least their getting closer. Nintendo has always tried to please their customers so they might make all this someday, IDK. U never know. We'll just have to wait and see what they do on JUNE 11th. Happy almost E# Gamers!! And of course...

Game On Gamers!