Monday, May 5, 2014

The WiiU Pro controller

Go Pro!!

A great controller for any pro-noob Gamer who wants to game hard. With a strong resemblance to that of an XBox controller, Taking off the screen of the WiiU gamepad and making  the buttons much closer together to make it easier to access. Makes this a must buy for any WiiU owner. Although it may resemble the style of an Xbox controller, this controller is much more reliable than Microsoft, Why??? Because it's Nintendo!! I actually recommend that you buy the actual Pro controller over cheap knock-offs, because it's worth knowing that it most likely will not break down over always being worried that it might go boom!! The games I know it works with are, BatMan Arkham Origins, The Amazing Spider-Man (1) and of course, NSMBU! This controller is now available in stores from Nintendo for WiiU. U want it? Go buy it...

Game On Gamers!