Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Last Day of May

Hey Gamers, As U should know by now I release an update for all Gaming News I'm involved in at the end and beginning of every month so here it is, The Last day of May 2014:

  1. Batman Arkham Knight seems to definitely NOT be coming to the WiiU despite  the high demand.
  2. I may be purchasing a new Super Mario Sunshine game for Game Cube, perfect for Summer gaming and fun for Winter when U wanna' be warm ;) 
  3. I'm not positive but Nintendo is planning on releasing More Mario themed games & APPS for this years E3 so U never know, they may release Sunshine and make a new Sunshine game for WiiU
  4. Mario Kart 8 is now out for WiiU!! I honestly cannot wait to own, Play and Beat this game.
  5. Sonic Heroes is a Cheating GC Game!!
  6. The Lego movie comes out June 17th and is totally worth buying.
  7. I will soon post a list for my All time Fav games of 2014 (After E3)
  8. I will soon post a list of my all-time FAV Films of 2014 (soon)
  9. I'm posting like crazy on FaceBook
  10. I'v made a total of 130 posts on my Gaming Blog :D
  11. Sega releasing Plush's for Nintendo ???
  12. E3 is only a couple weeks away now!! June 10th Digital event @Nintendo 
That's all until tomorrows update...

Game On Gamers!