Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I lost my Sunshine, =)

My Super Mario Sunshine game for GC is now gone forever.
I will now have to buy a new one for my GCube. preferably one that's not scratched up horribly. It truly is rather sad though because this is the main game I wanted for this console and I cannot wait for it to be replaced because it was SRSLY fun up until it wouldn't work anymore. *SIGH!!* I already miss it. Who am I kidding, even though I'm buying a new one, you know I'll hold onto this one for the memories!! It's not only Video game memorabilia, It's a lesson well learned. I need to be more careful because to sellers I'm not just a Gamer, I'm a BUYER too!

I tried nearly every thing I could to save this game, EVEN TOOTHPASTE! BTW= It doesn't work.

GameCube games can get damaged really easily so it's important to keep them well protected and in good condition. The Game Super Mario sunshine is declared RARE throughout the internet but Iv'e found a ton of them on eBay, the only problem is that their all super expensive. I really do hope that I can soon replace this game because it's Awesomtacular and allot of fun too. Until then I'll just play Sonic heroes, Mario Golf and Mario Kart Double dash on my GC Console. Thx fer' readin' and...

Game On Gamers!