Monday, May 12, 2014

Mario Kart 8-WiiU-Gaming situations and problems.

The creators of Mario Kart 8 said that their game pushed the LIMITS of the WiiU console and found more room to build on, that there's still plenty of potential! Still potential?? Even after pushing it to it's limits there's still potential??

Then the console that supposedly is Nintendo's downfall (according to Haters everywhere) actually has even more untapped potential? hmmmmmmm. This brings me to the conclusion that allot of these online talkers have really no idea what their talking about at all, because this console has untapped potential and Nintendo even needs  more units in their inventory to cover orders and now potential orders too!

Sounds like their going to die to me (Sarcasm!!).

In other news, I had a serious issue with my Nintendo Network ID today. I forgot my password!! So I called Nintendo (this was all involved in my system transfer process somehow) and they told me what I needed to do. But first they said in order to change my old E-mail and password, they'd need to look into it for 3-4 days!!! DAYS! I wanted to do it in just one day. So I kept trying until I got the pass right and changed both the Pass and E-mail before transferring my old 3DS files to my 3DS XL.

Which is all good, but I had another problem today as well (of course). A couple problems actually. My 3DS (original) died while in transfer, I fixed it and then My XL required an update first for some reason.  AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The night before today, I downloaded the Black Mask challenge maps for my Batman Arkham Origins WiiU game and it wouldn't show up this morning so now I'm waiting on a call from Nintendo about it which may take 4-8 hours or more. Mama-mia'!! I'm a' going through de' weirdest string of gaming problems and situations right now.although I suppose Nintendo's also going through their own set of problems in the Gaming industry right now. 
I really hope my system transfer goes well. 

Game On Gamers!