Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pizza-Man_horrible film!!


Even though this film has absolutely nothing to do with gaming, I just had to post about it. Mainly because I thought it would be funny but it was the worst film I've ever seen!!! EVER!! This film wasn't even funny, like I thought it would be (Edit: Like anyone would think)!! This film made basically the worst superhero story ever, come to life. And I want to kill it!! The acting was bad, the story, the dialog, the plot and pretty much the whole stinking film was just plain dumb!! And it had allot of great actors init too, Adam West, Stan Lee and Frankie Muniz too. Stan Lee's cameo looked too fake. And Adam West was okay but kinda' random.
as for Frankie Muniz, it seems like he's taken a huge fall from cool secret agent to "weirdo in a suit that also delivers Pizza". I almost feel bad that they put so much time into it and this is how it turned out, IDK if you like it but I believe its just down right awful!!!!!  

Game On Gamers!