Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nintendo spend 100M.


"Nintendo Spends over US$100m on mystery tech acquisition in 4Q, no word on what it is, QOL? new hardware related? unknown" 
-David Gibson (Twitter)

Well, I cannot actually confirm that this actually happened but if it did then this opens tons of doors of possible directions they could take for E3 2014. And tons of new basic directions they may be taking with their company. Rumors are now going around that Nintendo may release new hardware and their killing off the WiiU slowly. I don't think that's the case. 1st of all, they already said no new hardware was coming out for Nintendo this year from E3, but are they just lying because they don't want anyone to know their going to release something srsly classified? I have no idea as of now, but I'm sure their going to do something awesome!! They always do.

As for their financial crisis, Nintendo is now trying to cope by making virtual console games for WiiU that were originally DS games, DS games on the WiiU.

Saying that adding to the WiiU lineup with old DS games to make up for their financial losses with it in the past. I don't understand why everyone's made such a big deal out of their finances and how much money the WiiU hasn't made them yet. To be honest, shouldn't more people be buying the WiiU??? It's an awesome console and deserves more gamers on it!! The fact that there's low sales on this console is shocking, at least it is to me anyways. What doe's Nintendo have to do to convince the millions of gamers world wide to purchase the amazing double screened console. And the details of their Quality of Life project remain to be quite a mystery. Especially the way their trying to make it mostly about health...

I'm just wondering how it's going to turn out. And what their plan is... I guess we'll all have to wait and see what their plans are next month @ E3 2014. Hopefully they'll announce their future plans and stuff like that there. I of course will have to

watch it online because I don't have nearly enough money to go to the event.

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