Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nintendo makes apps!?

HEY, Gamers!! Recent news is that Nintendo is going into the smart device business due to high demand. yes, their caving in for us. They'd pretty much do anything to keep all of their "Loyal fans". I say that with sarcasm because tons of people were causing internet uproar about how Nintendo's gonna' die if they don't get on phones and tablets. Well I guess now they will be, but on their terms. Nintendo has made an app for the iPhone and some other devices (being tested in japan)  that allows 3DS owners to connect to their phones for FREE. Wow, that is srsly generous. Their also giving away a free game of their choice for the 3DS when you take a brief survey. Wait, I thought they were dying. Hmmmmmm. If their giving away stuff then their not going to die. Their Giving stuff away!!!!!

Also, bad news for all the people currently steeling games from Nintendo through emulators because apparently Nintendo shut down a very popular Emulator website for copyright infringement!
So Nintendo first decides to appeal to the public that's been begging them for apps for so long and then they come in and take back whats theirs. They own anything Nintendo!!

Game On Gamers!