Thursday, May 8, 2014

More about Nintendo and their money...

"A new function for its Mario Kart 8 Wii U game, scheduled for release at the end of this month, allows users of smart devices to track progress and watch videos of games played by friends, according to Iwata. The platform announced today will allow figurines to link with different video games through near field communication technology and exchange data via the Wii U gamepad. More details will be released at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles in June, the company said in a statement."-Bloomberg

Your eye's are blind.

First of all, THIS CLEARS UP ALLOT!!

Nintendo is not only trying their hardest to appeal to this gen's gamers by adding he use of Smart devices with their games but their also adding new features with the Skylanders style figures thing/plan where you can share some form of data through the figurines base's. See people!!? Nintendo is trying to get you back!! Tons of you have fallen from the love of classic console gaming and into the future of touch screens and letter I's . I-phone, I pod, I-half eaten taco, OPEN YOUR EYE's!! Nintendo is right there waiting for you to pick up the controllers and play until your fingers bleed. Now there's nothing wrong with I-phones and stuff, but Why just forget about Nintendo!? Their graphics and HD Rock!! And their games are usually always fun!! Why can't you people see that Nintendo is trying!! Their spending ton's of cash to bring back their "LOYAL" fans and their taking a huge loss because of it!! Nintendo has lost over 100-Million because no one wants an amazing futuristic console that pulls the games of the screen and and puts it in your hands and allows you the features of a giant DS in your home. 5 years ago kids would beg for stuff like this!!! Yet U guys can just walk around it and go and TEXT on your I-poo!? Why?? No offense. But SRSLY, Why are people not buying the WiiU, I wanted it the seconded I heard about it!! hmmm.

Game On Gamers!