Friday, May 2, 2014

Mario Golf World Tour!!!

Mario Golf World Tour is out NOW!!

Mario golf World Tour just came out 2 day!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!! Can't wait to own this one as you should know by now that I'm a big virtual golfer and Mario Golf is my JAM!

The games pretty schweet looking so far guys, I think it's gonna' be a 3DS MUST-buy!! although I honestly was a little slow to post on this game, but I was playing Mario golf toadstool tour for game cube yesterday and it kinda' made me even more excited for this brand new game, that's 3D and portable!! And It has Mario in he title so I will own it! Now if only I had some MONEY$... Yeah that probably would help me make the purchase. LOL!! Anyhoo, this game's out in stores right NOW!!

Game On Gamers!