Friday, May 30, 2014

Karts & Lego Bricks

Mario Kart 8 is out today!!! Finally The wait is over the newest WiiU game to bring many hours of Flippin' Fun to us. That's according to Nintendo of course. The new courses and HD graphics and power ups and new  Zero-G mode should make this game a WiiU must have!! The Lego movie officially comes out the 17th of June, Not to long from now we all will once again be singing along to "Everything is Awesome!!"It was a great movie and I hope to one day own it as well as the game for WiiU! Now more on
 Mario Kart 8, the game seems to take the classic Karting game we all know and Luv and adds head-spinning features that Fans did not see coming at first. Or at-least I didn't. My Fav part (besides driving on the walls and ceiling) has to be the Super Horn, cause' U can now defend Urself from the Blue Shell!! I have a micro-challenge 4 anyone who has the game already, When U get to a Zero Gravity section, just hold still/ don't move at all and see if U fall or not. Like sitting still upside down, Awesomtacular!!!
P.S.- Tons of People online are expecting new DLC for Mario Kart 8, What Do U think it will be??

Game On Gamers!