Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nintendo has more conflict

The Game "Mario Kart 8" has earned tons and tons of thumbs up everywhere but for some reason people are now saying that it's going to flop because of the low sales of the WiiU console. The Game hasn't even been released yet so stop giving us your predictions and just hope that it turns out okay. Because it's really up to the Gamers to decide whether or not it's a good game when they get it/Rent it.

And Now I'm told that Phillips is suing Nintendo! Why are they being continuously attacked!? Are they all trying to end Nintendo er sumthin'!? I just don't get it. Nintendo has kept Gaming alive in America and around the world for years. So why are people hoping they die and trying to take them out of business, Like Phillips is trying by claiming Nintendo stole ideas from them!? Augh!!!! Nintendo is Awesomtacular, The WiiU will sell more units, The Mario Kart 8 game IDK but I'll own a copy And Phillips is basically nothing compared to problems that Nintendo has faced before.

I've been hearing/seeing tons of posts and Vids and articles everywhere that give Nintendo suggestions on how to get out of the hole their in. Hmmmmm, This is what I say about that,  U should not give Nintendo ideas on what to do, what they do is what they do, you can have ideas on what they should do but to offer them options is like a poor man going to a king with absolutely no knowledge in money and telling him how to save it. So if you have any ideas on how to "save" Nintendo, Save it! Nintendo can keep on going all by themselves.

Game On Gamers!