Friday, May 30, 2014

Sega and Nintendo?

Sega has always tried and win a fight with Nintendo, The always loose (needless to say) but recently they've become rather chummy with Nintendo and now their releasing Animal Crossing Plush characters for them. No offense but it seems rather odd that Sega releases Nintendo Merch! To me anyways. I just don't understand why the company Sega would dare step onto Nintendo's Turf. Do they even have Nintendo's permission, if they do it's kinda' weird that they'd want to release Nintendo Merch in the first place. What do U think Gamers?? They already have games where Sonic challenges the Gaming King to sports so why mix up their Merch with Nintendo's any further?? IDK Honestly but their Plush characters aren't that bad looking anyways. Still, it's sorta' a bad chemical mixture, Sega's Merch with Nintendo's Brand and Name on the product. Hmmmmmmm.

Game On Gamers!