Saturday, May 31, 2014

DSU and Game Cube on WiiU

Gamers everywhere are hoping (and have been for years) that the WiiU could also play Game Cube Games, It may soon be able to. Which opens many doors of possibility's. They could make new Game Cube games as well. All I know is that Nintendo announced recently that They will be selling a new WiiU attachment (which I came up with first but Never submitted to Nintendo) That will allow players to hook up old and new Game Cube controllers to play with the new WiiU SSB game. Man, their really pushing up the hype for these new games. I'm excited but also worried I may never afford all these new products Nintendo's popping out onto the market.

One Product Gamers want but will probably Never happen is a card reader that reads DS & 3DS cards for the WiiU console. Again, this is most likely not possible and their probably going put the games on virtual console for WiiU instead of giving Gamers a way of avoiding RE-buying all their old games for a new console. It's all about Cash sadly, they may never give us exactly what we want but at least their getting closer. Nintendo has always tried to please their customers so they might make all this someday, IDK. U never know. We'll just have to wait and see what they do on JUNE 11th. Happy almost E# Gamers!! And of course...

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The Last Day of May

Hey Gamers, As U should know by now I release an update for all Gaming News I'm involved in at the end and beginning of every month so here it is, The Last day of May 2014:

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sega and Nintendo?

Sega has always tried and win a fight with Nintendo, The always loose (needless to say) but recently they've become rather chummy with Nintendo and now their releasing Animal Crossing Plush characters for them. No offense but it seems rather odd that Sega releases Nintendo Merch! To me anyways. I just don't understand why the company Sega would dare step onto Nintendo's Turf. Do they even have Nintendo's permission, if they do it's kinda' weird that they'd want to release Nintendo Merch in the first place. What do U think Gamers?? They already have games where Sonic challenges the Gaming King to sports so why mix up their Merch with Nintendo's any further?? IDK Honestly but their Plush characters aren't that bad looking anyways. Still, it's sorta' a bad chemical mixture, Sega's Merch with Nintendo's Brand and Name on the product. Hmmmmmmm.

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Karts & Lego Bricks

Mario Kart 8 is out today!!! Finally The wait is over the newest WiiU game to bring many hours of Flippin' Fun to us. That's according to Nintendo of course. The new courses and HD graphics and power ups and new  Zero-G mode should make this game a WiiU must have!! The Lego movie officially comes out the 17th of June, Not to long from now we all will once again be singing along to "Everything is Awesome!!"It was a great movie and I hope to one day own it as well as the game for WiiU! Now more on
 Mario Kart 8, the game seems to take the classic Karting game we all know and Luv and adds head-spinning features that Fans did not see coming at first. Or at-least I didn't. My Fav part (besides driving on the walls and ceiling) has to be the Super Horn, cause' U can now defend Urself from the Blue Shell!! I have a micro-challenge 4 anyone who has the game already, When U get to a Zero Gravity section, just hold still/ don't move at all and see if U fall or not. Like sitting still upside down, Awesomtacular!!!
P.S.- Tons of People online are expecting new DLC for Mario Kart 8, What Do U think it will be??

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I lost my Sunshine, =)

My Super Mario Sunshine game for GC is now gone forever.
I will now have to buy a new one for my GCube. preferably one that's not scratched up horribly. It truly is rather sad though because this is the main game I wanted for this console and I cannot wait for it to be replaced because it was SRSLY fun up until it wouldn't work anymore. *SIGH!!* I already miss it. Who am I kidding, even though I'm buying a new one, you know I'll hold onto this one for the memories!! It's not only Video game memorabilia, It's a lesson well learned. I need to be more careful because to sellers I'm not just a Gamer, I'm a BUYER too!

I tried nearly every thing I could to save this game, EVEN TOOTHPASTE! BTW= It doesn't work.

GameCube games can get damaged really easily so it's important to keep them well protected and in good condition. The Game Super Mario sunshine is declared RARE throughout the internet but Iv'e found a ton of them on eBay, the only problem is that their all super expensive. I really do hope that I can soon replace this game because it's Awesomtacular and allot of fun too. Until then I'll just play Sonic heroes, Mario Golf and Mario Kart Double dash on my GC Console. Thx fer' readin' and...

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update 5/27/2014

1. Mario Kart 8 will be out in just 3 Days now, the countdown to awesomtacular fun will soon come to an end. I will most likely get Pikmin 3 with the game and I hope to get in time to register for it.

2.Some of my constant 3DS Photo Showcase entries have been accepted and have made the Photos of the week page!! =D I'll be submitting more soon, THX for the Votes!!

3.Nintendo may soon release a new system for figures to interact with the WiiU just like the very popular game "Skylanders" Series.

4. Lego Batman is getting mighty big, now going into it's 3rd installment in the series. "LEGO BATMAN 3" And I believe Batman's voice is now the voice of Batman from "THE LEGO MOVIE"

5. Batman's Voice from the game series "ARKHAM" Hasn't changed since Origins but now Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman in a new Arkham MINI FILM from DC. It doesn't surprise me that Kevin's back It's surprising that Troy Baker is doing the voice AGAIN for an almost older JOKER. 

6. Photos with Mario now has it's own Nintendo website!! =D

7. I bought Super Mario Sunshine for Game Cube, and although I collected ten Shines and saved all my info on a memory card, my game wont play past piranha park!! So I'm going to have to buy another one on eBay. sadly I wasted 13 dollars on a game from a man who is completely unreliable. Now when I buy from him again I'll make sure to check the games for scratches and gunk and if I can I'll test them out.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Contest for E3

Nintendo's holding a contest for anyone 18 and up for this years E3!!

So If you want to go to E3 (assuming you can't afford the trip) you'd have to be 18, own a camera, a computer and know how to Smash it with SSB! =D

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Awesome AR

Come Vote for my photo and get it showcased on 3DS photo showcase! I'll be submitting more very soon. So be waiting for more. THX for the support Gamers!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Glitch Day Gamers!

I found some new Glitches so here's two brand new Vids for ya'!

The Overpass Glitch:

This one turned out better than the first,

Batman Arkham Origins Glitch Hunting:

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Monday, May 19, 2014

New game!?

I've gotten some awesomtacular Mario stuff recently but now I've got even more Awesomtacular stuff to show ya'll!! Nintendo has just recently released this brand new game which is the first FREE on Nintendo's released in a long time: "Photos With Mario!!" It combines the 3DS Ar Card feature with Mario fun and funny posses and actions. If you like taking Pics like me and U like Mario at all, this game is for U and For everyone (cause who don't Like Mario!?) Photos with Mario is located on the 3DS eshop in the last of two pages in the Applications section for only $0.00! Yes, FREE!! YAY! I own this game already and it's definitely worth getting.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

A rusty Baseball review

My Baseballs a little rusty but my review's okay I guess:

This Dog's not out for a whole lot of Ca$h as long as you've got doughnuts that is.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Show us?

Nintendo has sadly become somewhat desperate because of the low sales of their WiiU console. Their now offering a Tour (first time I've seen it) for the WiiU console on their site entitled "See why you'll love the WiiU". Now all of this is true but again it's mostly the fault of the public who have turned away from Nintendo without much consideration for their new console at all. It has forced the company to explain why you'll love the console. Let me tell you right now why you'll love it, It's Nintendo and it's awesomtacular!!
Nintendo is Awesome and the Hate they've been receiving won't knock them down, but it has made them desperate to get more WiiU units sold and more games as well. I'm looking forward to E3!!

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E3 2014

June 10th is going to be a big day for Gamers everywhere. Apparently Nintendo is going to be announcing a ton of Games at this years E3, and many even speculate that there's gonna' be some new 3DS games on the way like a Super Mario Galaxy 3D game. Hmmmm, I thought it may happen but it could just be a rumor.

We already know that Nintendo's holding a bunch of stuff for SSB (hyping it up) but now Nintendo's bringing a secret game to the mix as well. This makes me intrigued even more so now. Because now we know that there's going to be a ton of new games and a secret game as well. Of course that may just be another rumor so I guess we'll all have to wait until the tenth of next month to find out. =D

Although due to the fact that Nintendo themselves have said their going to announce a ton of games then we can safely expect tons of games. YaY!!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nintendo has more conflict

The Game "Mario Kart 8" has earned tons and tons of thumbs up everywhere but for some reason people are now saying that it's going to flop because of the low sales of the WiiU console. The Game hasn't even been released yet so stop giving us your predictions and just hope that it turns out okay. Because it's really up to the Gamers to decide whether or not it's a good game when they get it/Rent it.

And Now I'm told that Phillips is suing Nintendo! Why are they being continuously attacked!? Are they all trying to end Nintendo er sumthin'!? I just don't get it. Nintendo has kept Gaming alive in America and around the world for years. So why are people hoping they die and trying to take them out of business, Like Phillips is trying by claiming Nintendo stole ideas from them!? Augh!!!! Nintendo is Awesomtacular, The WiiU will sell more units, The Mario Kart 8 game IDK but I'll own a copy And Phillips is basically nothing compared to problems that Nintendo has faced before.

I've been hearing/seeing tons of posts and Vids and articles everywhere that give Nintendo suggestions on how to get out of the hole their in. Hmmmmm, This is what I say about that,  U should not give Nintendo ideas on what to do, what they do is what they do, you can have ideas on what they should do but to offer them options is like a poor man going to a king with absolutely no knowledge in money and telling him how to save it. So if you have any ideas on how to "save" Nintendo, Save it! Nintendo can keep on going all by themselves.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No money down B.A.O. Gameplay and Glitch:

Batman Arkham Origins, A Glitch, A guy and some Gaming too.

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Nintendo makes apps!?

HEY, Gamers!! Recent news is that Nintendo is going into the smart device business due to high demand. yes, their caving in for us. They'd pretty much do anything to keep all of their "Loyal fans". I say that with sarcasm because tons of people were causing internet uproar about how Nintendo's gonna' die if they don't get on phones and tablets. Well I guess now they will be, but on their terms. Nintendo has made an app for the iPhone and some other devices (being tested in japan)  that allows 3DS owners to connect to their phones for FREE. Wow, that is srsly generous. Their also giving away a free game of their choice for the 3DS when you take a brief survey. Wait, I thought they were dying. Hmmmmmm. If their giving away stuff then their not going to die. Their Giving stuff away!!!!!

Also, bad news for all the people currently steeling games from Nintendo through emulators because apparently Nintendo shut down a very popular Emulator website for copyright infringement!
So Nintendo first decides to appeal to the public that's been begging them for apps for so long and then they come in and take back whats theirs. They own anything Nintendo!!

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mario Kart 8-WiiU-Gaming situations and problems.

The creators of Mario Kart 8 said that their game pushed the LIMITS of the WiiU console and found more room to build on, that there's still plenty of potential! Still potential?? Even after pushing it to it's limits there's still potential??

Then the console that supposedly is Nintendo's downfall (according to Haters everywhere) actually has even more untapped potential? hmmmmmmm. This brings me to the conclusion that allot of these online talkers have really no idea what their talking about at all, because this console has untapped potential and Nintendo even needs  more units in their inventory to cover orders and now potential orders too!

Sounds like their going to die to me (Sarcasm!!).

In other news, I had a serious issue with my Nintendo Network ID today. I forgot my password!! So I called Nintendo (this was all involved in my system transfer process somehow) and they told me what I needed to do. But first they said in order to change my old E-mail and password, they'd need to look into it for 3-4 days!!! DAYS! I wanted to do it in just one day. So I kept trying until I got the pass right and changed both the Pass and E-mail before transferring my old 3DS files to my 3DS XL.

Which is all good, but I had another problem today as well (of course). A couple problems actually. My 3DS (original) died while in transfer, I fixed it and then My XL required an update first for some reason.  AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The night before today, I downloaded the Black Mask challenge maps for my Batman Arkham Origins WiiU game and it wouldn't show up this morning so now I'm waiting on a call from Nintendo about it which may take 4-8 hours or more. Mama-mia'!! I'm a' going through de' weirdest string of gaming problems and situations right now.although I suppose Nintendo's also going through their own set of problems in the Gaming industry right now. 
I really hope my system transfer goes well. 

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kirby and Mario Kart

Mario Kart 8

is now being released with a special
bundle coming out soon which includes a Blue shell statue. The evil device of horror can now be yours free with some minor purchases. And now you can defend yourself from the the evil Mario kart device using a special new in game gadget-horn. A brand new pick up item only found in the all new Mario Kart 8 game!!!  Schweet! For years we could not escape the tyranny of the Blue shell!! Now we can!! Or you could just blast your friends off the track!! =D Sounds like fun to me.  The all new Kirby game for the 3DS is a new look at a Kirby game all together. It takes the 3D gameplay from Mutant mudds where you go from the front of the screen to almost behind the screen and play from both aspects. This seems like a pretty fun game and even adds a new feature where Kirby can suck up massive stuff!! And it also makes him look like Mario when he's got the Star-Man's power in him. Kirby Triple deluxe is the name of the game but I have no idea why it is because as far as I know, there's nothing Triple or Deluxe about the game at all. It's available in stores now. But IDK if it's in the E-shop or if/when it will be.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

No more loss!!

"WiiU target of 3.6m units will need more manufactured than in current inventory, no loss from hardware any more, more games at E3"-David Gibson @Twitter
Sooooooo, good news everyone!! Nintendo apparently will not be taking anymore losses with their WiiU and may just end up needing more consoles than before. I cannot actually confirm any of this, but I guess Mr. David Gibson is a Senior Research analyst and this is what he said on Nintendo. He say's that Nintendo will need to make even more WiiU units than it has in it's inventory currently. I cannot prove any of these statements, but this is the same guy who said that Nintendo was taking a huge loss and tons of people everyday say that Nintendo is doomed to die from lack of profits. What do you think about all this??

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No new WiiU-&-Tomodachi Life issue

"Nintendo has confirmed that it will not be unveiling a new Wii U at E3 2014."               -My Nintendo News
Good, I didn't think that  the WiiU would or should ever have a sequel home console. I believe that the console wasn't meant to be the first in a new line of WiiU consoles. This console was made to be a special one hit wonder. And people everywhere have been against it since day one. I don't know about you but I love playing my WiiU and I think its totally rocktacular. I'd be playing it right now if I wasn't addressing this issue on my PC. the point is that Nintendo will not be making a WiiU 2 which if it was made would be just as unnecessary as the Wii Mini.

As for the issue of Same-sex marriage in Tomodachi Life... Nintendo has decided they're not going to put it in the game, I think Nintendo is not only wise to avoid the subject completely but also smart to avoid the topic itself from being in the game (I myself questioned talking on this subject due to the support that the lifestyle has).  Nintendo themselves went and released an official apology to all those who made many, many, many complaints online. It's silly really... It's a Mii character. Not YOU! So why are people complaining about it?

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

FB?-Schweet, TAR!?

Facebook profile:

Yo, Gamers!!! I'm now on Facebook!! Totally Awesomtacular Right (TAR) ??
 Now I'll be posting more so on my Blog Posts and status on FB as well as on my Blog, so to stay in the loop of all the best gaming info and on my collection, Go Like me On Facebook...

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Deluxe.... yes... Different game? No.

 SMB Deluxe:

"I found out the hard way that the Mario Bros. Deluxe GBC game was basically just the NES classics game for GBA on GBC. yeah, I bought it, thinking it was a whole other game (at the time) -big mistake- The guy selling it almost ripped me off by selling two of the exact same game to me!! (the classics and deluxe) Never going to happen again."
BTW= This story is all 100% true, but I was less experienced when I made this purchase. 

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More about Nintendo and their money...

"A new function for its Mario Kart 8 Wii U game, scheduled for release at the end of this month, allows users of smart devices to track progress and watch videos of games played by friends, according to Iwata. The platform announced today will allow figurines to link with different video games through near field communication technology and exchange data via the Wii U gamepad. More details will be released at the E3 trade show in Los Angeles in June, the company said in a statement."-Bloomberg

Your eye's are blind.

First of all, THIS CLEARS UP ALLOT!!

Nintendo is not only trying their hardest to appeal to this gen's gamers by adding he use of Smart devices with their games but their also adding new features with the Skylanders style figures thing/plan where you can share some form of data through the figurines base's. See people!!? Nintendo is trying to get you back!! Tons of you have fallen from the love of classic console gaming and into the future of touch screens and letter I's . I-phone, I pod, I-half eaten taco, OPEN YOUR EYE's!! Nintendo is right there waiting for you to pick up the controllers and play until your fingers bleed. Now there's nothing wrong with I-phones and stuff, but Why just forget about Nintendo!? Their graphics and HD Rock!! And their games are usually always fun!! Why can't you people see that Nintendo is trying!! Their spending ton's of cash to bring back their "LOYAL" fans and their taking a huge loss because of it!! Nintendo has lost over 100-Million because no one wants an amazing futuristic console that pulls the games of the screen and and puts it in your hands and allows you the features of a giant DS in your home. 5 years ago kids would beg for stuff like this!!! Yet U guys can just walk around it and go and TEXT on your I-poo!? Why?? No offense. But SRSLY, Why are people not buying the WiiU, I wanted it the seconded I heard about it!! hmmm.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nintendo spend 100M.


"Nintendo Spends over US$100m on mystery tech acquisition in 4Q, no word on what it is, QOL? new hardware related? unknown" 
-David Gibson (Twitter)

Well, I cannot actually confirm that this actually happened but if it did then this opens tons of doors of possible directions they could take for E3 2014. And tons of new basic directions they may be taking with their company. Rumors are now going around that Nintendo may release new hardware and their killing off the WiiU slowly. I don't think that's the case. 1st of all, they already said no new hardware was coming out for Nintendo this year from E3, but are they just lying because they don't want anyone to know their going to release something srsly classified? I have no idea as of now, but I'm sure their going to do something awesome!! They always do.

As for their financial crisis, Nintendo is now trying to cope by making virtual console games for WiiU that were originally DS games, DS games on the WiiU.

Saying that adding to the WiiU lineup with old DS games to make up for their financial losses with it in the past. I don't understand why everyone's made such a big deal out of their finances and how much money the WiiU hasn't made them yet. To be honest, shouldn't more people be buying the WiiU??? It's an awesome console and deserves more gamers on it!! The fact that there's low sales on this console is shocking, at least it is to me anyways. What doe's Nintendo have to do to convince the millions of gamers world wide to purchase the amazing double screened console. And the details of their Quality of Life project remain to be quite a mystery. Especially the way their trying to make it mostly about health...

I'm just wondering how it's going to turn out. And what their plan is... I guess we'll all have to wait and see what their plans are next month @ E3 2014. Hopefully they'll announce their future plans and stuff like that there. I of course will have to

watch it online because I don't have nearly enough money to go to the event.

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Update, 5/7/2014- Practicing for the Smash!!

Preparing for a Smash!!! 

Hey Gamers!!! Just to let U know, This is my 105th post!!! Yes, I've posted now over 100 posts!! Schweet!!! IKR? It's only been a little over 2 months. I will soon be making better vids and hopfully adding new games and collectibles to my collection.

As well as the brand new game SSB for WiiU (I don't know why it's only SSB and not SSB U but hey.) Coming out this Summer!! (Next month!) I've been practicing for it by playing SSB Brawl and I think I'm getting better. But mostly I like taking funny pics while playing. so IDK how well I'll actually fight when the new game comes out but I hope I do okay. I'm sure I'll do fine, How bout' U?? What do you think about the new game hmmm?=D 

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E.T. Didn't go home- he's in a New Mexico landfill

The Myth is busted!!

As I said before in a long ago (Previous post) I believe that Atari actually did go down hard back in the 80's and dump a ton of their unsold games in a new mexico landfill, so here you go, The proof that they did:

WOW! Awesomtacular right?

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pizza-Man_horrible film!!


Even though this film has absolutely nothing to do with gaming, I just had to post about it. Mainly because I thought it would be funny but it was the worst film I've ever seen!!! EVER!! This film wasn't even funny, like I thought it would be (Edit: Like anyone would think)!! This film made basically the worst superhero story ever, come to life. And I want to kill it!! The acting was bad, the story, the dialog, the plot and pretty much the whole stinking film was just plain dumb!! And it had allot of great actors init too, Adam West, Stan Lee and Frankie Muniz too. Stan Lee's cameo looked too fake. And Adam West was okay but kinda' random.
as for Frankie Muniz, it seems like he's taken a huge fall from cool secret agent to "weirdo in a suit that also delivers Pizza". I almost feel bad that they put so much time into it and this is how it turned out, IDK if you like it but I believe its just down right awful!!!!!  

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Monday, May 5, 2014

The WiiU Pro controller

Go Pro!!

A great controller for any pro-noob Gamer who wants to game hard. With a strong resemblance to that of an XBox controller, Taking off the screen of the WiiU gamepad and making  the buttons much closer together to make it easier to access. Makes this a must buy for any WiiU owner. Although it may resemble the style of an Xbox controller, this controller is much more reliable than Microsoft, Why??? Because it's Nintendo!! I actually recommend that you buy the actual Pro controller over cheap knock-offs, because it's worth knowing that it most likely will not break down over always being worried that it might go boom!! The games I know it works with are, BatMan Arkham Origins, The Amazing Spider-Man (1) and of course, NSMBU! This controller is now available in stores from Nintendo for WiiU. U want it? Go buy it...

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Collection update 5/5/2014 Cards-Pez

Cards of power-ups from NSMB_Wii


These cards were 
from Listia User : 
Small littleyoshi86

Toad Pez dispenser

Their quite awesomtacular I must say. Except I thought they'd all be Power-ups but there's items in the lot too. No complaints here!!

This Toad Pez dispenser was purchased at Walmart and it was the only Mario themed Pez dispenser out of a ton of Pez's!! Yes, the only one. It's going on Listia for a lot of credits but I got this one for a little over one dollar.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2_SAW IT. [contains no real spoilers]

I saw it!!

Well I finally saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 yesterday and It was honestly quite amazing. The few things I didn't like in it was, They didn't explain a single inconsistency between the first game and the film, The Action scenes were drawn out with the characters and barely with the fighting and the end scene didn't involve Spider-Man at all. I really hope that the 2nd game explains things a bit better. Mary Jane was NEVER introduced and... I don't want to give too much away. OH Well, The Movie it's self makes entry number three in my list of best films of 2014!!! It was Rocktacular and I think any super hero fan will love to watch it. An Amazing movie on The Amazing Spider-Man

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Awesome-new post


My fourth episode of my fan fiction series Super Mario Adventures in TMK has just been published (Finally) after days of working on it with my new story "Super Mario Welcome to TMK. The latest episode is about (once again) Mario on his way to save Peach from doom. For all episodes posted recently you can just go to My Wiki page and read them. I think you'll find them most enjoyable. I'm excited to see how everything turns out.

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Mario Golf World Tour!!!

Mario Golf World Tour is out NOW!!

Mario golf World Tour just came out 2 day!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESS!!! Can't wait to own this one as you should know by now that I'm a big virtual golfer and Mario Golf is my JAM!

The games pretty schweet looking so far guys, I think it's gonna' be a 3DS MUST-buy!! although I honestly was a little slow to post on this game, but I was playing Mario golf toadstool tour for game cube yesterday and it kinda' made me even more excited for this brand new game, that's 3D and portable!! And It has Mario in he title so I will own it! Now if only I had some MONEY$... Yeah that probably would help me make the purchase. LOL!! Anyhoo, this game's out in stores right NOW!!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Game Cube unboxing and test:

My first ever unboxing:

 Vid Description: My first time playing the game cube (officially) and owning it. Awesome console.

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