Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why Gaming needs controllers!!

Gaming needs controllers! 

First I'd like to point out that XBox wasn't the first console to have gaming without controllers at all, PS2 from Sony had the EYE toy controller that allowed you to play the game using your whole body, not just the remote. Sooooo, for all the gamers thinking that the XBox 360 and Microsoft did something revolutionary... Think again, because the Playstation 2 did it first.
Now the reasons why it should have controllers:

1.)I think it's easier to press a button over putting
 your body in the right position to move.

2.)I don't want to have to actually jump 
to get my character up on the screen to jump.
 3.)exercise is good for you, but Gaming majority
of the time should be relaxing, not a ton of work.

It's really a no-brainier, If you want exercise,

Buy a Wii/WiiU.

Because at-least with the Wii/WiiU you can choose to

play with a controller and don't have

to move around a whole lot just to do a little.
All For Now, AR-Cade