Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"The Great Game Drain"

Since 1985, Nintendo has been on top of the gaming market, keeping the competition in 2nd where they belong. Not  long ago, people had started drifting  from home consoles and onto Smartphone's and Tablets. With the few unwise decisions Nintendo has made recently it has affected their public standing in the media. Most consumers agree they should keep up with the time's, by moving forward with the digital age in gaming.



The public apparently thinks Nintendo is dying because  they choose to stick to their roots and not leave their field completely, just so that they appeal to the public's desires. Time magazine recently put out a "WE HATE NINTENDO" Article saying that Nintendo should choose one of their suggested methods to stay in business. But who are they to suggest their ideas to the company that kept gaming alive past The Great Game Crash of 1984!? Just because it would be fun to play Nintendo games on your phone, doesn't make it smart for Nintendo to put them there. In fact Nintendo's  smart  to stick to making their games for their consoles  instead of just giving all their games to phones and gadgets, If they put their games on every device, then no one would want the real thing anymore and that wouldn't be good for business.


So in conclusion, I believe that Nintendo (Even though they've made a few silly choices with Wii Mini and 2DS)  is going in the right direction by sticking to what they know and not giving into the media by taking what they've learned from the 1984 game crash and keeping their products limited to their consoles. If they didn't, the market would likely be saturated again and that would not be "GREAT!"
                                                               All For now, AR-Cade