Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The 2DS & Wii Mini, WHY!!!!!???

The 2DS & Wii Mini

Their like the Snuggie, We don't need them!!

The 2DS was made for people who have a hard time viewing 3D.  For one thing, the original 3DS was made with a 3D depth slider on the far right side of the screen, that when pushed all the way down can turn off the 3D. So the 2DS was pointless.
The Wii Mini was made small and compact. With the ability to play Wii games.  They took out  all online connectivity, that allowed you to download games and channels, basically rendering it useless -  other than to play your Wii Games.

   I can't understand why they would make consoles and handhelds like these devices.  They did and it's not making the public view of them any better. Some say the 2DS is good for kids who can't play the 3DS. Well, to be honest, kids under the age of 7yrs old shouldn't have such a high tech piece of equipment like the 3DS. 

If you have a hard time seeing the 3D, try holding the 3DS exactly 5-8 inches away from your eye's while playing, otherwise experiment with the depth slider until you get a comfortable 3D experience. As for the Wii Mini, it's worth a couple extra dollars to buy the Wii U console over the Wii Mini any day. What other console in America allows you to turn off the TV and keep playing? None that I know of, and none of them would ever be as durable and good as Nintendo systems.