Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SSB (Super Smash Bros) New games.

SSB (Super Smash Bros.) The two new games are coming fast! they'll be on WiiU and 3DS for the first time and when both games are released you can connect them to each other. Most likely to unlock certain content that U couldn't do otherwise.It will be interesting to see how they both play and how similar they are to the original SSB for N64 and SSB Brawl for Wii (My Favs in the series. Although I mostly want to know more about this new Smash scoring system and see if it truly affects how well your character does in battle. As U may guess already... I always pick Mario!! I also like how they made all the 3DS characters be more like cartoon characters with their outlines which I believe you may be able to customize. The WiiU version is HD!!! And awesome looking too. I cannot wait for these games to be released!!
3DS version

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