Wednesday, April 23, 2014


You may say that Pac-man is a Namco/Bandi character and really has no place in my collection; You'd be right. Except you may forget that Pac-man games come out frequently on Nintendo consoles including the new Pac-man game:
<Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures> So just as Angry birds entered the Nintendo family so has Pac-Man.
Pac-Man is a Nintendo product and although I collect mostly Mario products I on occasion purchase other forms of Gaming products... Like Pac-Man. The new game is now out in stores on both WiiU and the 3DS.
The sound Pac-Man Plush (RETRO) on the left is my FAV. Also you may notice that the Retro Pac-Man has Pac-Man eyes that face away from each other while the Modern Pac-Man on bottom has Pac-Man eye's that face the same direction.

Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade